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Faculties of Natural and Communication SciencesUniversity of TampereFaculties of Natural and Communication Sciences

The nine schools of the University of Tampere will become six faculties from the start of 2017.

The degree programmes of the School of Information Sciences will be transferring to two new faculties:

Faculty of Communication Sciences

  • MDP (Master's Degree Programme) in Human-Technology Interaction
  • MDP in Internet and Game Studies
  • Degree programme in Information Studies and Interactive Media

Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • MDP in Computational Big Data Analytics
  • MDP in Software Development
  • Degree programme in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Degree programme in Computer Sciences (excluding MDP in Human-Technology Interaction)

The study-related instructions and curricula of the School of Information Sciences will continue to be used in connection with these degree programmes.


Master's Degree Programme in Human-Technology Interaction (120 ECTS credits)

Programme homepage (HTI portal)

Programme curriculum

Specialization at UTAInteractive Technology

Admission criteria in 2017 at UTA

Please see the official UTA Admissions website for the eligibility criteria.

      Programme profile

      This master programme is offered in collaboration between the University of Tampere (UTA) and the Tampere University of Technology (TUT). Students can deepen their knowledge in course units that cover a wide range of topics from user experience and emotions to innovative use of facial behavior like gaze and expressions, touch, speech, and human physiology in user interfaces. The programme leads you to scientific thinking and writing as well as to hands-on work in various course projects.

      Applying to UTA or TUT

      Although the programme is available in essentially the same format at both universities it is recommended that those applicants mainly interested in interaction design and research and the development of interactive software apply to UTA and those mainly interested in  user experience apply to TUT. That way the majority of their course units will be organized by their home university.

      Please note that it is possible to accept an offered study place in only one university, either UTA or TUT. This information concerns applicants wanting to apply to UTA. Applicants wanting to apply to TUT must fill in a separate application form and submit separate application enclosures to TUT. TUT does not use University Admissions Finland. More information on applying to TUT.

      Graduates' jobs

      Graduates’ typical jobs include interaction designer, usability specialist, user experience architect, and software developer. Interaction designers study people and their life to create technology and service designs. Usability specialists make sure that the technology is easy to use and fit for human purposes. User experience architects work to enhance the entire experience we have with the technology, from advertising and packaging, to disposal and memories. Software developers who graduate from this programme understand enough about usability and software development to be able to implement UI designs in software so that they best serve the users. This combination of skills has been much sought-after by employers in recent years.

      This master's degree provides the required background if you wish to pursue doctoral studies in Interactive Technology or Computer Sciences, for example in UTA’s Doctoral programme in Interactive Technology.

      Structure of studies at UTA

      80 ECTS of advanced studies including the Master's thesis, 40 ECTS of other studies (including language and complementing studies).


      At UTA, studies consist of lectures and seminars on theoretical and methodological questions, and supervised individual research for a Master´s thesis. Studies require active attendance and participation in classes. Some of the course units are organised only once during the programme period.

      Complementing studies may be required depending on the student's previous studies.

      At UTA, language studies in Finnish and English must be included in the programme studies.

      With the long tradition of academic freedom at the University of Tampere, students are free to include in their programme studies some course units also in other fields than their specialization, thus enabling a multidisciplinary degree.

      Usually there is no need to buy any course books.

      The programme requires approximately two years of full-time studies.

      Degree awarded

      At UTA, the degree awarded is the Master of Science degree. The degree is a second cycle degree; for more information on Finnish degrees, please see the page on Degrees.

      Contact information

      If you have questions concerning the admission requirements or study related issues, please contact the admissions contact person.

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