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Research seminar in Finite Model Theory

This research seminar in FMT is a joint seminar of the Department of Mathematics and Statistisc at the University of Helsinki and the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tampere. The gatherings are held every second Friday at 13–15 so that in principle every second gathering is held in Helsinki and every second in Tampere – see the schedule below. The possible changes in timetables and the titles are announced on this page before each gathering. The gatherings are open to everyone interested in the field or the current topic.


Lauri Hella (Tampere)

Kerkko Luosto (Helsinki)

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Fri 24.05.2013, 13-15, Tampere, Pinni B0020
Miika Hannula: Hierarchies in independence logic

Fri 10.05.2013, 13-15, Tampere, Pinni B0016
Lauri Hella: Inclusion logic as a fixed-point logic

Fri 19.04.2013, 13.15-14.15, Helsinki, B322
Miikka Silfverberg: Finite-State Grammar Rules in a Statistical POS Tagger

Fri 19.04.2013, 14.30-15.30, Helsinki, B322
Antti Kuusisto: Strong systems of modal logic, with connections to distributed computing

Fri 05.04.2013, 13-15, Tampere, Pinni B0039
Jonni Virtema: Boolean dependence logic and partially ordered connectives

Fri 22.03.2013, 13-15, Tampere, Pinni B0039
Jevgeni Haigora: Embedding-closed quantifiers and Injective game

Fri 08.03.2013, 13-15, Helsinki, B322
Pietro Galliani: On Inclusion Logic

Fri 22.02.2013, 13-15, Tampere, Pinni B0039
Taneli Huuskonen: Spectra of Non-Fregean Logic with Quantifiers

Fri 08.02.2013, 14-16, Tampere, Pinni B0039
Peter Thanisch: Database Users Hate Their Relations

Fri 25.01.2013, 13-15, Helsinki, B322
Juho Hirvonen: Distibuted maximal matching

Fri 11.01.2013, 10-12, Tampere, Pinni B1084
Kerkko Luosto: Applications of Ramsey theory to definability theory of quantifiers


Thu 14.12.2012, 13-15, Tampere, Pinni B1084
Jonni Virtema: Parallel computation from the perspective of descriptive complexity

Thu 30.11.2012, 13-15, Tampere, Pinni B0020
Pietro Galliani: From Dependence Logic to Game Logics and Back

Thu 16.11.2012, 13-15, Helsinki, B322
Miika Hannula: Observations on the dependence logic

Thu 02.11.2012, 13-15, Tampere, Pinni B2078
Lauri Hella: Fixed point logics and cardinality quantifiers

Thu 18.10.2012, 12-14, Tampere, Pinni B0020
Tong Wang: A new Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse Game

Fri 5.10.2012, 13-15, Helsinki, B3222
Matti Järvisalo: Modern Boolean satisfiability solving, with an excursion in abstract argumentation

Fri 21.9.2012, 13-15, Tampere,
Antti Kuusisto: Distributed Computing and Modal Logic

Fri 14.9.2012, 13-15, Helsinki, B3222
Eduard Bartl: Generalized fuzzy relational equations

Fri 25.5.2012, 13-15, Helsinki, B322
Antti Kuusisto: Generalized Quantifiers and Team Semantics

Fri 4.5.2012, 13-15, Tampere, B0039
Fan Yang: Modal Intuitionistic Dependence Logic

Fri 20.4.2012, 13-15, Helsinki, B322
Joel Rybicki: Fragments of ESO and linear time computation

Fri 30.3.2012, 13-15, Tampere, B0039
Jonni Virtema: On formal theories of geometry II

Fri 10.2.2012, 13-15, Tampere, B0039
Mika Mattila: On meet and join matrices and their generalizations

Fri 27.1.2012, 13-15, Tampere, B0039
Kerkko Luosto: Questions about vectorization

Fri 20.1.2012, 13-15, Helsinki, B322
Lauri Hella: Abiteboul-Vianu theorem and generalized quantifiers (cont.)


Fri 16.12.2011, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Lauri Hella: Abiteboul-Vianu theorem and generalized quantifiers

Fri 02.12.2011, 12–14, Tampere
Esko Turunen: Many-valued paraconsistent logic for real-life applications

Fri 18.11.2011, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Fausto Barbero: On existential declarations of independence in IF logic.

Fri 11.11.2011, 13–15, Tampere, Pinni B0039
Kerkko Luosto: Non-periodicity, equicardinality and Ajtai's theorem

Thu 20.10.2011, 16–18, Tampere, Pinni B0020
Valentin Goranko: Almost sure validities and 0-1 laws in modal logic: some surprises and challenges.

Fri 7.10.2011, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Antti Kuusisto: On formal theories of geometry.

Fri 23.9.2011, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Mikko Koivisto: A space-time tradeoff for permutation problem.

Fri 9.9.2011, 12–14, Tampere, Pinni B0020
Erkko Lehtonen: Commuting polynomial operations of distributive lattices.

Fri 20.5.2011, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Jeremy Meyers: Elementary Theories of Boolean Algebras with Distinguished Principal Filters.

Fri 13.5.2011, 13–15, Tampere, Pinni B0020
Fan Yang: Model Checking for Modal Intuitionistic Dependence Logic.

Fri 6.5.2011, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Petteri Kaski: An excursion into algebraic algorithms and applications for hard combinatorial problems.

Fri 15.4.2011, 13–15, Tampere, Pinni B3118
Kerkko Luosto: $\epsilon$-logic and linear order.

Fri 8.4.2011, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Kerkko Luosto: On definability of linear order in the $\epsilon$-logic.

Fri 25.3.2011, 13–15, Tampere, Pinni B3111
Pietro Galliani: Inclusion and exclusion atoms in team semantics.

Fri 11.3.2011, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Lauri Hella: Descriptive complexity of linear algebra II.

Fri 25.2.2011, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Lauri Hella: Descriptive complexity of linear algebra.

Fri 11.2.2011, 13–15, Tampere, Pinni B3111
Michiro Kondo: Transfer Principle in fuzzy theory.

Fri 28.1.2011, 13–15, Tampere, Pinni B3111
Jyrki Nummenmaa: Demonstration of the use of Labelled Transition System Analyser.

Fri 14.1.2011, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Juha Kontinen: Characterizing Definability of Second-Order Generalized Quantifiers.


Fri 17.12.2010, 12–14, Tampere, Pinni B0020
Kerkko Luosto: Arrow paradox.

Fri 3.12.2010, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Allen Mann: First-order logic with perfect recall.

Fri 19.11.2010, 12–14, Tampere, Pinni B0020
Jorma Merikoski and Pentti Haukkanen: On the number of gridlines.

Fri 12.11.2010, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Jonni Virtema: Undecidability and decidability results on two-variable logics with imperfect information.

Fri 29.10.2010, 13–15, Tampere, Pinni B0020
Jyrki Nummenmaa: What does a software developer want to check from the models? An introduction.

Fri 15.10.2010, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Johannes Ebbing: Complexity of Model Checking for Modal Dependence Logic

Fri 1.10.2010, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Kerkko Luosto: Canonicity of the linear order as a built-in relation

Fri 10.9.2010, 13–15, Tampere, Pinni B3111
Jaakko Hintikka: Logic and Computation (abstract)

Wed 19.5.2010, 14–17, Helsinki
14–15: Kerkko Luosto: Calculations related to almost everywhere quantifier hierarchy
15–17: Discussion of the relations between local algorithms and logic, introduction by Lauri Hella

Fri 7.5.2010, 13–15, Tampere, Pinni B3111
Antti Kuusisto: On fragments of IF logic

Fri 23.4.2010, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Kerkko Luosto: Codes and an almost everywhere quantifier hierarchy

Fri 9.4.2010, 13–15, Tampere, Pinni B3111
Lauri Hella: FO^2.5

Fri 26.3.2010, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Kerkko Luosto: Product of a quantifier

Fri 12.3.2010, 13–15, Tampere, Pinni B0020
Allen Mann: A compositional semantics for probabilistic IF logic

Fri 26.2.2010, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Jukka Suomela: Models of distributed computing: port numbering and local algorithms

Fri 19.2.2010, 13–15, Tampere, Pinni B3111
Esko Turunen: GUHA-method

Fri 29.1.2010, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Janne Korhonen: On logical characterization of the class P

Fri 15.1.2010, 13–15, Tampere, Pinni B0020
Kerkko Luosto: On preservation of Slater and Banks sets under homomorphisms


Wed 14.10.2009, 13–16, Tampere
Jonni Virtema: Arity hierarchy for temporal logics

Wed 30.9.2009, 12–14, Helsinki, C124
Allen Mann: Inference rules for dependence-friendly logic (cont.)

Wed 16.9.2009, 12–14, Helsinki, C124
Allen Mann: Inference rules for dependence-friendly logic

Thu 3.9.2009, 13–15, Tampere
Antti Kuusisto: Modal Logic with Quantified Binary Relations

Fri 22.5.2009, 13–15, Tampere
Lauri Hella: Arity hierarchies of generalized quantifiers and descriptive complexity

Fri 15.5.2009, 13–15, Helsinki
Kerkko Luosto: Faktoja ja otaksumia Härtigin kvanttorista

Fri 17.04.2009, 13–15, Tampere
Antti Kuusisto: \Sigma^1_1(FO^2)

Fri 3.4.2009, 13–15, Helsinki
Kerkko Luosto: Yksipaikkaisten kvanttorien vektorisoinnista

Fri 20.3.2009, 13–15, Tampere
Jonni Virtema: FO[+,x]=FO[BIT]=AC^0

Fri 6.3.2009, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Pekka Lampio: Erotusmatriisit syklisissä ryhmissä

Fri 6.2.2009, 13–15, Helsinki, B322
Ryan Siders: Chemoinformatics

Fri 23.1.2009, 13–15, Tampere
Lauri Hella: FO[BIT], Regular Closure and Interior, and the Crane Beach Conjecture

Fri 9.1.2009, 13–15, Helsinki
Kerkko Luosto: Muuttujien kierrätys ryhmissä


Fri 12.12.2008, 13–15, Tampere
Kerkko Luosto: Toppaus ja kvanttorit

Fri 28.11.2008, 13–15, Helsinki
Pirita Paajanen: Äärelliset p-ryhmät ja joitain ajatuksia niiden luokittelusta

Fri 14.11.2008, 13–15, Tampere
Antti Kuusisto: On Modal Fragments of SO

Fri 31.10.2008, 13–15, Helsinki
Kerkko Luosto: Verkon potenssit ja Shannonin kapasiteetti

Fri 17.10.2008, 13–15, Tampere
Kerkko Luosto: Rekonstruktio ja epäsymmetria

Fri 3.10.2008, 13–15. Helsinki
Petteri Kaski: Verkkojen poisto-kontraktioinvariantit ja nopea osajoukkokonvoluutio

Fri 19.9.2008, 13–15, Tampere
Lauri Hella: Kahden muuttujan logiikan alternaatiohierarkia sanamalleilla

Fri 5.9.2008, 13–15, Helsinki
Lauri Hella

Fri 23.5.2008, 13–15, Tampere
Juha Kontinen: Generalized Quantifiers and LogCFL

Fri 2.5.2008, 13–15, Helsinki
Antti Kuusisto: SOPML Alternation Hierarchy

Fri 18.4.2008, 13–15, Helsinki
Kerkko Luosto: Monadisen toisen kertaluvun logiikan laajennukset ja yhtämahtavuus

Fri 4.4.2008, 13–15, Tampere
Lauri Hella: A Modal Logical Basis for Monadic Second-Order Logic

Fri 14.3.2008, 13–15, Helsinki
Juha Kontinen: Grupoidal quantifiers

Fri 22.2.2008, 13–15, Tampere
Kim Solin: Abstract Program-Refinement Algebra

Fri 8.2.2008, 13–15, Helsinki
Ville Nurmi: Päättelyä riippuvuuslogiikassa struktuurikalkyylillä

Fri 25.1.2008, 13–15, Helsinki
Antti Kuusisto: Second-Order Propositional Modal Logic

Fri 11.1.2008, 13–15, Tampere
Kerkko Luosto: Toppausta heikosti sietävät kvanttorit

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