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CIS - The Tampere Research Center for Information and Systems



  • David Alexander, Paavo Arvola, Thomas Beckers, Patrice Bellot, Timothy Chappell, C. M. DeVries, Antoine Doucet, Norbert Fuhr, Shlomo Geva, Jaap Kamps, Gabriella Kazai, Marijn Koolen, Sangeetha Kutty, Monica Landoni, Véronique Moriceau, Richi Nayak, Ragnar Nordlie, Nils Pharo, Eric SanJuan, Ralf Schenkel, Andrea Tagarelli, Xavier Tannier, James A. Thom, Andrew Trotman, Johanna Vainio, Qiuyue Wang, Chen Wu: Report on INEX 2010. SIGIR Forum 45(1): 2-17 (2011)
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  • Anders Björk, Martin Erlandsson, Janne Häkli, Kaarle Jaakkola, Åsa Nilsson, Kaj Nummila, Ville Puntanen, Antti Sirkka: Monitoring environmental performance of the forestry supply chain using RFID. Computers in Industry 62(8-9): 830-841 (2011)
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  • Turkka Näppilä, Katja Moilanen, Timo Niemi: A query language for selecting, harmonizing, and aggregating heterogeneous XML data. IJWIS 7(1): 62-99 (2011)


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  • Paavo Arvola, Johanna Vainio: The Potential Benefit of Focused Retrieval in Relevant-in-Context Task. INEX 2010: 33-43
  • Feza Baskaya, Jaana Kekäläinen, Kalervo Järvelin: A tool for ontology-editing and ontology-based information exploration. ESAIR 2010: 29-30
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  • Turkka Näppilä, Katja Moilanen, Timo Niemi: RXQL: An SQL-like Query Language for Selecting, Harmonizing, and Aggregating Data from Heterogeneous XML Data Sources. University of Tampere, Department of Computer Sciences 2010 (Technical Report A-2010-2)
  • Antti Sirkka, Marko Junkkari: Data management framework for monitoring and analyzing the environmental performance. ICGREEN 2010, Proceedings of INNOV 2010: 57-62


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  • Timo Niemi, Turkka Näppilä, Kalervo Järvelin: Harmonization of XML-based Data Sources. University of Tampere, Deparment of Computer Sciences 2008 (Technical Report A-2008-6)
  • Turkka Näppilä, Kalervo Järvelin, Timo Niemi: A tool for data cube construction from structurally heterogeneous XML documents. JASIST 59(3): 435-449 (2008)
  • Antti Sirkka: Modelling traceability in the forestry wood supply chain. ICDE Workshops 2008: 104-105


  • Marko Junkkari: A Concept-Oriented Data Modeling and Query Language Approach to Next Generation Information System. University of Tampere, Department of Computer Sciences 2007: Doctoral Dissertation
  • Janne Jämsen, Turkka Näppilä, Paavo Arvola: Experiments on Category Expansion at INEX 2007. In: Norbert Fuhr, Mounia Lalmas, Andrew Trotman (Ed.) Pre-proceedings of INEX 2007, 287-296
  • Timo Niemi, Janne Jämsen: A query language for discovering semantic associations, Part I: Approach and formal definition of query primitives. JASIST 58(11): 1559-1568 (2007)
  • Timo Niemi, Janne Jämsen: A query language for discovering semantic associations, Part II: sample queries and query evaluation. JASIST 58(11): 1686-1700 (2007)
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