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Degree Programme in Mathematics and Statistics

The nine schools of the University of Tampere will become six faculties from the start of 2017.

The degree programme of Mathematics and Statistics will be transferring to Faculty of Natural Sciences with the Master's Degree Programme in Computational Big Data Analytics.

The study-related instructions and curricula of the School of Information Sciences will continue to be used in connection with these degree programmes.


Degree Programme in Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and statistics play a crucial role as the basis of modern society. Technological development has further increased the need for mathematical and statistical information and at the same time made possible new solutions in different fields of science and in everyday life.

The Degree Programme in Mathematics and Statistics trains students as mathematics and statistics experts in research, planning and teaching careers in the public and private sector, and in subject teaching in mathematics and information technology/physics/chemistry. The most common employers include various educational institutions, industry, banks, insurance companies, research institutions and statistics offices.

Students are admitted to the Degree Programme in Mathematics and Statistics. Students have the right to take first the Bachelor of Science degree and then the Master of Science degree. During the Bachelor studies students choose a competence area that leads to Master studies in either mathematics or statistics. During the Master studies it is possible to specialize in mathematics or take the Master’s degree in the Master’s Degree Programme in Computational Big Data Analytics, which is offered jointly with Computer Sciences. It is also possible to specialize in subject teaching in mathematics. These students must make a separate application for pedagogical studies during their mathematics studies. The selections of students for pedagogical studies are made on the basis of aptitude and achievement in studies.

The degree programme includes optional studies which students can take to diversify their knowledge and to influence their future careers. In the various branches of mathematics, typical optional studies include computer science, statistics, education, insurance science, economics, financial administration and public sector accounting, philosophy, physics and chemistry. In the Master’s Degree Programme in in Computational Big Data Analytics, optional studies may include for example economics, public health, psychology, computer science, insurance science or mathematics.

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