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Doctoral dissertations at SIS

The latest dissertations

The very latest dissertations can be found on the SIS front page news and the news archive.

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- 26.8.2016 Mr. Hannu Korhonen, Interactive Technology dissertation Evaluating Playability of Mobile Games with the Expert Review Method

- 24.8.2016 Ms. Liliana Cojocaru, Computer Science dissertation Advanced Studies on the Complexity of Formal Languages

- 16.6.2016 Ms. Marjut Pohjalainen, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Identification and sharing of tacit knowledge in the context of library work (dissertation in Finnish)

- 10.6.2016 Ms. Johanna Lahtinen, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Information specialists’ roles and activities in collaborative development projects between education and working life: a case study of the formation of knowledge practices and innovative knowledge communities (dissertation in Finnish)

- 11.3.2016 Ms. Paula Syrjärinne, Computer Science dissertation Urban Traffic Analysis with Bus Location Data

- 12.2.2016 Mr. Adewunmi Obafemi Ogunbase, Interactive Technology dissertation Pedagogical Design and Pedagogical Usability of Web-Based Learning Environments: Comparative Cultural Implications from Africa and Europe

- 8.1.2016 Ms. Sanna Malinen, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Sociability and Sense of Community among Users of Online Services

- 11.12.2015 Mr. Yevhen Zolotavkin, Computer Science dissertation New Methods for Digital Image Watermarking

- 28.11.2015 Ms. Tuuli Keskinen, Interactive Technology dissertation Evaluating the User Experience of Interactive Systems in Challenging Circumstances

- 16.10.2015 Mr. Antti Lamppula, Computer Science dissertation From election forecast to internet voting? A study on how the opportunities brought about by the utilisation of information technology in general elections have developed in Finland and what the outlook for the future is (dissertation in Finnish)

- 25.9.2015 Ms. Tiina Peltola, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Changes and the Experience of Change in Archival Work from the 1970s to the Beginning of the 2000s: A Case Study on Archival Masses, Technologisation and Expertise (dissertation in Finnish)

- 18.9.2015 Ms. Ellen Namhila, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Recordkeeping and Missing “Native Estate” Records in Namibia: An Investigation of Colonial Gaps in a Post-colonial National Archive

- 11.9.2015 Mr. Ari Haasio, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Otherness, information needs and information sharing in the “small world” of the Internet: A study of socially withdrawn people’s information behavior (dissertation in Finnish)

- 21.8.2015 Mr. Mika Mattila, Mathematics dissertation On the Invertibility and Eigenvalue Properties of Some Lattice-Theoretic Matrices: Meet and Join Matrices Studied via Möbius Inversion

- 12.6.2015 Ms. Outi Vuorenrinne, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation The buns of hair loosening. Liberalization of book selection in Finnish public libraries in the 1960’s and 1970’s (dissertation in Finnish)

- 9.5.2015 Mr. Jaakko Stenros, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Media Playfulness, Play, and Games: A Constructionist Ludology Approach

- 28.4.2015 Ms. Katri Salminen, Interactive Technology dissertation Emotional Responses to Friction-based, Vibrotactile, and Thermal Stimuli

- 17.4.2015 Ms. Selina Sharmin, Interactive Technology dissertation Eye Movements in Reading of Dynamic On-screen Text in Various Presentation Formats and Contexts

- 18.12.2014 Ms. Anni Järvelin, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Applications of S-grams in Natural Language Information Retrieval

- 17.11.2014 Mr. Jyri Saarikoski, Computer Science dissertation On text document classification and retrieval using self-organising maps

- 14.11.2014 Ms. Elina Late, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Cultural and contextual shaping of scholarly communication. Publishing and reading practices in Finnish state research institutes

- 13.11.2014 Mr. Jussi Rantala, Interactive Technology dissertation Spatial Touch in Presenting Information with Mobile Devices

- 31.10.2014 Mr. Joel S. Mtebe, Interactive Technology dissertation Acceptance and Use of eLearning Technologies in Higher Education in East Africa

- 29.8.2014 Mr. Juha Leino, Interactive Technology dissertation User Factors in Recommender Systems: Case Studies in e-Commerce, News Recommending, and e-Learning

- 28.8.2014 Mr. Mika Rantanen, Computer Science dissertation Improving Probabilistic Roadmap Methods for Fast Motion Planning

- 13.6.2014 Mr. Feza Baskaya, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Simulating Search Sessions in Interactive Information Retrieval Evaluation

- 13.6.2014 Mr. Ilkka Virtanen, Computer Science dissertation How tacit is tacit knowledge? Polanyi’s theory of knowledge and its application in knowledge management theories

- 6.6.2014 Ms. Hanna-Mari Puuska, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Scholarly Publishing Patterns in Finland - A comparison of disciplinary groups

- 5.6.2014 Mr. Jonni Virtema, Mathematics dissertation Approaches to Finite Variable Dependence: Expressiveness and Computational Complexity

- 23.5.2014 Ms. Outi Tuisku, Interactive Technology dissertation Face Interface

- 16.4.2014 Mr. Antto Seppälä, Computer Science dissertation Context-aware and trust-based personal wellness information framework for pervasive health

- 21.2.2014 Mr. Youming Zhang, Computer Science dissertation Biometric Verification of a Subject Based on Data Mining of Saccade Eye Movement Signals on

- 14.2.2014 Ms. Saila Huuskonen, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Recording and use of information in a client information system in child protection work

- 10.12.2013 Mr. Nicholas Mavengere, Computer Science dissertation Information Systems Role in Strategic Agility: A supply chain context.

- 5.12.2013 Ms. Sanna Kumpulainen, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Task-based information access in molecular medicine: task performance, barriers, and searching within a heterogeneous information environment.

- 4.12.2013 Mr. Turkka Näppilä, Computer Science dissertation Serving Sophisticated Ad Hoc Information Needs Based on Beforehand Unknown, Autonomous, and Heterogeneous XML Data Sources.

- 30.11.2013 Mr. Timo Nummenmaa, Computer Science dissertation Executable Formal Specifications in Game Development: Design, Validation and Evolution.

- 29.11.2013 Mr. Tahvo Hyötyläinen, Computer Science dissertation Path to Improved Firm Performance with Business Process Management (BPM) and BPM Systems.

- 1 November 2013 Ms. Sari Mäkinen, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Records Management in Mobile Work.

- 5 October 2013 Mr. Mikko Tanni, Information Studies and Interactive Media dissertation Teacher trainees’ information seeking behaviour and their conceptions of information literacy instruction.

- 19 June 2013 Ms. Mirja Ilves, Interactive Technology dissertation Human Responses to Machine-Generated Speech with Emotional Content

- 15 March 2013 Mr. Linfeng Li, Computer Science dissertation  A Contingency Framework to Assure the User-Centered Quality and to Support the Design of Anti-Phishing Software

Older dissertations

Tampere University Dissertation database contains UTA dissertations since 1999.

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