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Faculties of Natural and Communication SciencesUniversity of TampereFaculties of Natural and Communication Sciences

The nine schools of the University of Tampere will become six faculties from the start of 2017.

The degree programmes of the School of Information Sciences will be transferring to two new faculties:

Faculty of Communication Sciences

  • MDP (Master's Degree Programme) in Human-Technology Interaction
  • MDP in Internet and Game Studies
  • Degree programme in Information Studies and Interactive Media

Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • MDP in Computational Big Data Analytics
  • MDP in Software Development
  • Degree programme in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Degree programme in Computer Sciences (excluding MDP in Human-Technology Interaction)

The study-related instructions and curricula of the School of Information Sciences will continue to be used in connection with these degree programmes.

Internationalisation in studies


UTA has an electronic application form in applying for exchange studies. The application form is available in Student's desktop/NettiOpsu during application rounds. 

Where to go

It is possible to take exchange studies using UTA bilateral exchange agreements or SIS exchange agreements. Especially if you are taking optional studies in some other UTA School you may apply to take exchange studies using that School's Erasmus agreement (application in April or September).

How to apply

SIS application periods

UTA language and selection criteria used in exchange studies
NB: language criteria may be different in SIS agreements, so check each SIS partner for more information.

Students who have been accepted to 2-year Master's degree programme given in English must inform their programme head and possible Master thesis supervisor of their plans prior to applying.

Please note that if your study time is closing, you cannot get study time extension for taking exchange studies. Extension is for the purpose of finishing the studies.

Information on applying to SIS exchange places

  • Depending on the agreement, you may take exchange studies for one term or one academic year.

  • The main application round is from mid-January to early February. During this round SIS accepts applications only from SIS students.

  • The first additional round starts in March. The second additional round opens in early September. During these rounds SIS accepts applications also from other Schools' students.

  • Host university makes the final decision on whom they will accept or whether it is possible to take courses in other fields than those mentioned in the bilateral agreement.

The application process has two stages:

You write an application in NettiOpsu and the SIS degree programme in question assesses it. If the degree programme selects you for exchange studies, you get this information to your email address and you must accept the exchange place offered in Student's desktop/NettiOpsu within a given deadline. After that the School nominates you to the host university. The host university will then send you information on how to submit an application to the host university.

If you intend to take exchange studies in English, please take the compulsory English language course (Scientific Writing Module A) before applying for exchange studies in Student's desktop/NettiOpsu. This way the UTA Language Centre is later able to issue a language certificate. This may be required by some host university. 

All applications to SIS exchange universities come from NettiOpsu to Ms. Kirsi Tuominen.

After the exchange

Studies taken at the host university can be transferred to UTA by substituting a UTA course unit with a course unit taken abroad, or by incorporating the course units taken abroad into the UTA degree. Please note that it is not possible to transfer studies whose content is similar to the studies you have taken or will be taking at UTA.

See also UTA page on credit transfer.

SIS curriculum has a course unit called SISYY021 Studying abroad 2–4 ECTS. Check this if you are a SIS student and take exchange studies using SIS or UTA exchange agreement.

Internship abroad

It is possible to go abroad for an internship. General information on internships and Erasmus grants is available on the UTA page. Please note that it is not possible to get an Erasmus internship grant for a placement in Finland.

Before applying for an Erasmus grant for internship, students in the SIS Master's degree programmes given in English should first contact Ms. Kirsi Tuominen by email. Then, before securing a placement students should check from the person in charge of the Master programme that the placement is suitable.

Erasmus internship grant requires that the student gets ECTS credits for the internship taken. Please note that according to SIS rules it is possible to include a maximum of 10 ECTS credits inside the Master's degree. Any internship credits in the Bachelor's degree are taken into account too. If there is already 10 ECTS credits of internship in the Bachelor's degree it usually is possible to take an internship and then place the ECTS credits on top of the 120 ECTS of master programme studies.

Other ways to be more international 

International students are international to start with, but it's possible to become even more so: 

  • UTA Language Centre offers a study module on Intercultural Communication studies 15 ECTS
  • UTA Language Centre has language courses not only in Finnish and English but also many other languages, and in some cases it's possible to study a new language using English. It is also possible to keep up a language you already know by using the UTA Language Centre's Self-Access Centre. 
  • New international degree and exchange students need tutors every August and January. If you volunteer, take part in the tutor training and write a report on your tutoring, it's possible to get 2 ECTS. Please see UTA page on International Tutoring and contact your student organisation for tutoring. 


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