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Faculties of Natural and Communication SciencesUniversity of TampereFaculties of Natural and Communication Sciences

The nine schools of the University of Tampere will become six faculties from the start of 2017.

The degree programmes of the School of Information Sciences will be transferring to two new faculties:

Faculty of Communication Sciences

  • MDP (Master's Degree Programme) in Human-Technology Interaction
  • MDP in Internet and Game Studies
  • Degree programme in Information Studies and Interactive Media

Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • MDP in Computational Big Data Analytics
  • MDP in Software Development
  • Degree programme in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Degree programme in Computer Sciences (excluding MDP in Human-Technology Interaction)

The study-related instructions and curricula of the School of Information Sciences will continue to be used in connection with these degree programmes.

JOO studies

PLEASE NOTE that from autumn 2016 UTA degree students may apply to take cross-institutional studies at the Tampere University of Technology and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences using a new Tampere3 cross-institutional system.  See SIS page on Optional studies with more info on this.

All Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree students in the School of Information Sciences may make an application to take studies offered by other Finnish universities (excluding AMK polytechnics). Finnish universities have a joint agreement (JOO Agreement, JOO=Joustava Opinto-Oikeus) making this possible. The studies taken may be separate course units or larger modules, most often in the student's minor subject.

A student wishing to take JOO studies at a host university must make an application to his/her home School, i.e. the School of Information Sciences. The School processes the application, and if the study right is supported, the School forwards the application to the host university. The final decision on granting the study right is made at the host university.

Only those course units where the host university has given the study right may be taken and transferred to the home university.

Criteria used in assessing JOO applications
Making the application
Studying at TUT
Transferring the studies taken
Ending of the JOO study right
Taking JOO studies at UTA
More information

Criteria used in assessing JOO applications 

JOO studies in another university are free of charge to the student. As, however, the host university charges the home university, a number of criteria have been set. Thus the student and the studies must meet the following criteria:

  • Student needs to be registered as an attending student at the home university during the JOO studies. At the time of making the application student may be non-attending as long as the UTA Basic User Account is functioning (BUA is needed in electronic JOO application).
  • New students are normally to make an application for JOO studies only during their second term in Spring. The JOO studies may be started only during the second year, provided that the studies in the major subject are going smoothly.
  • Similar course units as offered by the home university are not accepted. Similar course units as offered by TUT and TAMK in Tampere3 cross-institutional study offering are not accepted.
  • The studies must be suitable so that they can be included in the degree taken at the home university. Often the name of the course unit does not reveal much, so the student must explain why the course unit is suitable.
  • For students studying in a Master's degree programme, the studies taken at the home university and the host university together normally must not exceed 120 ECTS credits
  • Courses from Open University are not eligible
  • The student may not be a degree student at the university where the JOO studies are to be taken

Making the application 

JOO application is made online using the JOOPAS electronic system for studies in these universities.

Students sign in by using their UTA basic user account password. The JOOPAS system (as all UTA systems) assumes that UTA students are using their email account.

The JOOPAS system allows you to follow online your JOO application. You will also get email each time either the home university or the host university makes a decision regarding your application. You will need to log into the JOOPAS system to see the decision.

Please note that some fields in the online application form get their information directly from the UTA student register and you cannot change this information manually. Thus, remember to inform UTA via NettiOpsu for example of any changes in your postal address.

Universities not mentioned in the list above are not using the online system and accept applications only in paper form. The application form is to be printed from the JOOPAS systen and filled by hand.

In both cases, please attach the following to your application:

  • UTA transcript of studies (in electronic form from NettiOpsu if you are using the online JOOPAS system)
  • HOPS personal study plan made with your Master programme academic supervisor (the studies to be taken at the host university must be included in the plan or the programme supervisor must otherwise be consulted)
  • Doctoral students are required to include a statement from their supervisor on the suitability of the studies

The School of Information Sciences tries to process applications sent by the School's own students as soon as they arrive. However, the students are advised to submit their applications before 15 April (for studies to be taken in the Autumn term) and 15 October (for studies to be taken in the Spring term) so that the applications can be processed and sent to the host university in time. The host university often has a deadline that needs to be respected.

Normally, it takes about two weeks for the School to process the application and send it to the host university.

The applications not meeting the criteria described above will not be approved.

Checking the application deadline of the host university: Students must always check the deadline by which the application must reach the host university and send the application to the home School for approval in time. The host university, too, needs to process the application and in addition to give the JOO student the necessary information on registration, computer usages etc.

The School sends all approved applications to the host university. The final decision regarding the right to take JOO studies is made by the host university.

IMPORTANT: If your study right at the host university is given for a period that overlaps two academic years, you must enrol as present at the host university sometime in June-August (the same time as at the home university) so that you can continue your JOO studies there.

Studying at TUT

PLEASE NOTE that from autumn 2016 UTA degree students may apply to take cross-institutional studies at the Tampere University of Technology and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences using a new Tampere3 cross-institutional system.  See SIS page on Optional studies with more info on this.

Check first the availability of your desired course units in the new Tampere3 cross-institutional studies tool. If the course units are not available there, you may submit a JOO application.

UTA degree students may now apply to TUT without deadlines. The JOO application must be submitted at the home university at least 1 month before the teaching starts.

You may put all TUT course units that you want to take into the same electronic JOO application. If you want to take HTI/IHTE course units, please put them into a separate application.

For studies offered by the TAUCHI-IHTE co-operation to the computer sciences majors please see the TAUCHI page. Please mention TAUCHI-IHTE in your application.

The course code for HTI/IHTE courses at TUT is now TIE-4XXXXX.

NB: SIS students cannot take the following IHTE courses at TUT: Master's Thesis Seminar (UTA code TIEVS72) or Master's Thesis Seminar Presentation (TIEVS73).

Students majoring in the Human-Technology Interaction (HTI) master programme do not need a JOO application or any other application to study HTI courses at TUT. Students should check in NettiOpsu if they are uncertain of their study right.

Transferring the studies taken

Course units taken at TUT and TAMK will be transferred automatically to UTA.

To transfer the studies taken to the home university study register from other universities, the student must ask for the original official transcript at the host university's student services office. An official transcript bears the signature of the appropriate university official and the stamp of the university.

If the studies taken are used to replace any Computer Science course units, the matter should be negotiated in advance with the teacher of the UTA course unit in question. After the course unit is finished, the transcript should be submitted to the CS study co-ordinator Heli Rikala, cs-studies(at) In TAUCHI-IHTE co-operation courses, the transcript should be delivered to the same person.

Ending of the JOO study right 

The JOO study right is valid for a maximum of two years at a time. If only a few courses are taken, the study right is given for a shorter time, often about a year.

The right to take JOO courses at the host university comes to an end as the degree at the home university is finished.

Taking JOO studies at UTA 

TUT and TAMK degree students may use the Tampere3 cross-institutional service to apply to many SIS course units. Please check the availability of the desired course unit from the service.

TUT degree students can apply also using the JOOPAS system in case the desired course unit is not offered via Tampere3 cross-institutional service or if you want to study a larger study module of several course units at SIS.

All students from other Finnish universities always need to apply for a study right to take UTA course units. A permission by the course teacher is not enough, as the Dean of the School is the only person authorised to give a study right.

Those interested in applying for JOO studies at the School of Information Sciences, UTA, should note that the application supported by the home university must reach UTA about one month before the studies start.

Some basic information on how to take JOO studies at the School of Information Sciences, UTA (pdf).

The JOO study right at UTA covers only those course units that are mentioned when the study right is granted.

TUT HTI degree students (User Experience students) who have been given a study right for four years also at UTA at the start of their studies do not need a JOO application or any other application.

The home university usually wants an official UTA study transcript on the studies taken here. Please see here how you get a UTA study transcript. TUT students taking studies at SIS may send an unofficial electronic transcript by email to their home university JOO contact person using the UTA NettiOpsu portal; TUT accepts transcripts sent using this system. 


For more information 

Please contact Ms. Kirsi Tuominen for more information.

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