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Degree Programme in Computer Sciences

M.Sc Degree Programme in Software Development


Orientation for new international students and info and HOPS-meeting for Finnish B.Sc. students in August

Study Guide 2015-18

Teaching schedule

New SDE students, please note: To create your personal study plan, fill in this excel sheet and send it to Zheying Zhang. When you have any questions related to your studies, please update the personal plan and sent it by e-mail to study advisors, 

Responsible person for MDP in SDE is Zheying Zhang (starting from 1st August 2015)

Studies in the new M. Sc. Degree Programme in Software Development 120 ECTS

1. Advanced courses in M.Sc. programme in Software Development 80 ECTS

Compulsory advanced courses in software development are

  • TIETS17 Requirements Engineering, 5 ECTS
  • TIETS14 Introduction to Formal Specification, 5 ECTS
  • TIETS13 Advanced Functional Programming, 10 ECTS
  • TIETS19 Software Project Management, Theory and Practice, 10 ECTS
  • TIETS18 Master's Thesis Seminar in Sofware Development, 2–5 ECTS
  • TIETS37 M.Sc. Thesis 40 ECTS

The optional compulsory course unit can be selected from the courses mentioned on the curricula guide and teaching schedule. Remember to mark the courses on your study plan and check them with your study advisor!

These courses can be included in SD studies

  • TIETS15 Open Source and Software Quality 5 ECTS
  • TIETS38 Testing, Security and Trust, 5 ECTS
  • TIETS16 Programming Project, 5 ECTS
  • TIETS Multidimensional design for end-user data analysis

2. Optional Studies in M.Sc. programme 40 ECTS

  • Orientation for international students
  • language studies
  • complementing studies

Older stuff

An update in the degree prerequisites: the alternatives for pursuing the compulsory project work are TIEA4 Project Work or SISYA200 Innovation Project [9/2014]

Teaching schedule 2014-2015

Curricula 2013-2015 guide

  • The general studies in SD programme have changed in 2013-2015
  • Old students can use the old guide regarding the requirements of their degree, but the courses offered in 2013 and onwards are given according to the new curricula guide 2013-15
  • For example the English course has changed, the course KKENMP2 Introduction to Thesis Writing 3 ECTS is not available anymore. You should take the course KKENMP3 Scientific Writing - Mocule B Thesis Writing 2 ECTS instead
  • Transition regulations (pdf format) for degree students who have started their studies during 2012-13 or before in SDE programme.

SIS Study guide 2013-2015

Curricula Guide 2012-2015

Teaching schedule 2012-2013

Old vs new advanced course codes  

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