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Examinations in SIS are arranged either on classroom at the end of a lecture series or on an examination day of the school (see days on Teaching Schedule).

Check also what exams are available on the electronic exam service and read carefully the instructions.

Registering for examination

For the exams arranged on school examinations days students must sign up electronically through NettiOpsu or Wentti at least seven (7) days before the exam. Any special arrangements must be mentioned on the sign-up form in NettiOpsu. If you know you will not be attending an exam you have already signed up, please cancel your enrolment as soon as possible.

On the exam

Follow the given instructions. Do not talk to other students during the exam.

Students are taken in to the examination hall through one or two doors. The students take the examination paper and a sufficient amount of blank papers for answers from the front desk. If a student is late for not more than thirty (30) minutes of the start of the examination, he/she is still allowed to participate in the exam.

Invigilator announces the start of the exam. The starting and ending time of the examination is written on the blackboard of the exam hall.

Students may not leave the examination hall during the first thirty (30) minutes of the examination period. Also students must sign his/her name on a list before leaving the exam hall.

When students leave, they go to the front of the hall, where invigilator checks their identification (on student card or driver's licence), and marks the presence of the student in the registration list with the information whether the student submitted in answers. In addition, students sign the registration list.

 Publication of results

The registered grades are published in Wentti and in NettiOpsu within three weeks of the examination. Other practices such as partial results of a course are only published on the course info pages/Moodle.

About academic fraud and causing a disturbance

If a student commits an academic offence at an examination or is removed from an examination due to disturbing, the invigilator orders him/her to leave the examination hall. (See Chapter 7 on

Regulations on the assessment of studies

Taking exams in UTA

Academic Ethics


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