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Degree Programme in Computer Sciences


Students of the Degree Programme in Computer Sciences can include internship in their Master's studies (Master's Programme in Computer Science, Master's Degree Programme in Software Development, Master's Degree Programme in Computational Big Data Analytics, Master's Degree Programme in Human-Technology Interaction). Information about the Internship on the course web page

Financial internship support for students in the Degree programme in Computer Sciences

The University of Tampere has allocated financial internship support to students taking studies in the Degree programme in Computer Sciences. The support is intended for optional practical training connected to university studies. The support given by the University is intended foremost to offer students a chance to have the first work experience connected to their field of study. It is possible to get ECTS credits for the internship. Financial support can be applied for training that is suitable for optional studies in a master programme.

Financial support by the Degree programme in Computer Sciences can be given only to the degree programme's own degree students (those taking combined Bachelor's and Master's degrees and those taking only the Master's degree). A part of the financial support will be given to degree programme's international degree students to be used for their first internship in Finland.

In addition to the above, the following has been taken into account in the distribution of the support 2017: the number of credits taken in computer sciences, and altogether, how successfully the studies have been taken, and how easy it is to include the internship credits into the master programme studies.

After getting the decision of the financial support the student must find an internship position where the support will be used. Students can take practical training and get ECTS credits also without financial support, in which case the employer will be fully responsible for the trainee’s salary.

Please note that when using this financial internship support the employer must be Finnish. It can also be located abroad, but international organisations are not accepted. The employer can be in the public sector, a private enterprise or an organisation.

Applying for financial internship support

Period for applying financial internship support for year 2017 has ended. The decision on who will get the financial support will be made by on week 7. Additional period is open until 4th October 2017, see student desktop for details.

Working life

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Internship course:  Erkki Mäkinen and Zheying Zhang, course homepage
Financial support: Heli Rikala

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