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Bachelor's Graduate Survey

 In September 2014, the Finnish universities undertake the Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey called 'Kandipalaute'.

The survey examines the students' satisfaction with their university and studying experience. It provides comparative information on the quality of university education. The results of the survey are used to improve the study situation at the University of Tampere. The results are meant to support improvement of the study situation at the Finnish universities, therefore a comparison among the universities is helpful to identify good practice.

How to take part? 

Starting from 2015, the University of Tampere has switched to a continuous feedback survey. Students give their feedback through NettiOpsu when applying for their Bachelor's degree certificate. An exception to this are the students of Medicine and Theatre Arts, who receive the invitation by email. The survey takes about 20 minutes to answer.

Each answer is rewarded

To thank you for your response the University of Tampere will offer you a cup of coffee/tea and a coffee bread. To get the prize, print out the individualised response code in the end of the survey. You can redeem your prize from Cafe Alakuppila in the University Main Building or from Juvenes cafeterias on Kauppi Campus.

Student feedback effects on university funding

The Universities Finland UNIFI, which is a co-operational organisation for Finnish universities, and the National Union of University Students in Finland have been working on getting the survey up and running for some years now. The technical implementation of the survey is done by CSC - IT Center for Sciences.

The Ministry for Education and Culture of Finland is planning that 3% of basic funding allocated to universities will be based on student feedback from 2015 onwards. This entails a total sum of approximately 50 million euros to be divided among the universities based on student feedback. In the funding model, the student feedback complements the examination of education quality as part of the funding, and it will complement the funding criteria of students having completed 55 credits.

Further information

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact

University of Tampere
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tel. +358 (0)3 355 111
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