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Academic counselling and guidance at the University of Tampere

The main objective of academic advising and counselling is to support systematic studying and strengthen students' expertise. The most important tool in academic advising is the curriculum, found in the curricula guides.

Academic advising is available for all student groups: degree students, international students, open university students and doctoral students.

>> Student rights and responsibilities in academic counselling

As a student, you have the right to receive academic counselling to support you in the learning process and in developing your academic expertise. This right includes receiving academic counselling as a part of your studies and, if needed, as a separate service.

As a student, your own responsibilities are as follows:

  • Planning your studies and carrying them out in accordance with the curriculum
  • Setting your own goals in relation to the learning outcomes of your studies
  • Participating in academic counselling as a part of your studies and seeking any additional academic counselling as needed
  • Growing into an academic expert, developing your own abilities, and accumulating competences that are relevant in the working life
  • Being acquainted with academic ethics and the most important regulations

>> Academic counselling and guidance in degree programmes and schools

Academic Counselling and Guidance in the Schools

Each degree programme has someone appointed as the head of academic counselling as well as other people (e.g. the personal study plan (HOPS) instructors) who offer support in planning your studies. Furthermore, the thesis supervisor offers guidance for the thesis done as a part of the Master’s degree.

More information on study planning and academic counselling for exchange students.

The instructor’s responsibility is to provide supervision that concerns the learning outcomes, study practices, and evaluation. Other guidance and supervision is provided by the Study Services personnel in the school (this includes the head of study affairs, study coordinators, study secretaries, and international coordinators). They can be consulted in the following matters, for instance:

>> Joint services on academic counselling and guidance

Joint services on academic counselling and guidance complement the guidance given in degree programmes and schools. Joint services are located in the main building of the University, and their responsibilities include the following:

  • The service point at the Registrar’s Office handles all issues that concern enrolment at the University. Moreover, you get the stamp for your student card, official transcripts of academic records, and both study and degree certificates from the Registrar’s Office.
  • The International Office offers general guidance for exchange and degree students. For degree students it offers guidance about exchange studies and internship placements abroad.
  • In case you are entitled to Finnish social security, you should attend to matters concerning the study grant in the Student Financial Aid Office.
  • Students requiring special arrangements in their studies can contact the accessibility liaison officer.
  • Career services provides information about employability and career planning. You can also ask for advice or appointment for a career counselling from at Career Services. The counselling provided by career specialist is meant for students completing their Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. We will contact you back in a week by email during terms.
  • An instructor or some other person dealing with academic counselling can refer you to the study psychologist. The counselling provided by the study psychologist is meant for students completing their Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree and who are having trouble or special issues with learning.
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