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Rules for Examinations on a Set Examination Day (Book Exams)

Instructions for traditional pen and paper exams on set books are as follows:

  • Before the exam, wait outside the lecture hall. The supervisor of the exam (not necessarily the teacher of your course) will come outside the lecture hall and call students by their name (in alphabetical order). When you hear your name, take the question papers or envelope from the supervisor and go into the lecture hall.
  • Sheets of paper will be available at the end of the rows and you can take as many as you think you need.
  • Find a seat in the lecture hall. Do not sit right next to anyone if there is room in the lecture hall but leave an empty seat in between. Leave your bag and coat on the floor at the side of the lecture hall. Only take the things you need for writing the exam, for instance a pen or a pencil and an eraser. Water bottles are also allowed.
  • Do not open the question envelope or look at your questions until the supervisor gives permission to do so. You must wait until everyone is seated, and only after everyone is ready, the supervisor will give the permission to start.
  • During the exam, do not speak or leave the lecture room without permission. If you need anything, go to the supervisor and ask for assistance.
  • You will have four hours to complete your exam. The exact time when you must be finished will be written on the blackboard (or whiteboard) after the exam has started. You are usually allowed to leave the exam only after 20 minutes has passed from the start of the exam. After that, you can leave any time you want to. Remember to write your name on each of your answer papers!
  • When you are finished, bring your answers as well as the question papers to the supervisor. You need to return the question paper even if you have not answered any of the questions. When you hand in your papers, you need to show the supervisor your ID, such as your UTA student card or your passport.
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