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Register specification of the student information system (OPSU) at the University of Tampere 22 March 2016

A description of the personal data file as stipulated by Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)


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Sami Hautakangas
University of Tampere
Study services
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The student information system of the University of Tampere consisting of the following services:
- the basic services of study administration Rekka (Open University) and Opsu (the rest of the University) and their online user interfaces NettiRekka and NettiOpsu
- services for applying for studies and for specifying the right to study: applications to Open University, applications to international exchange studies offered by UTA, applications to international and domestic exchange studies offered by other higher education institutions, specification of the specialism in the student’s Master’s Degree Programme
- a service for handling the feedback on studies and instruction


Study administration tasks and the planning of teaching and learning require an electronic register.

Examples of study administration purposes for which the data file is used:
- verification of and maintaining the right to study
- controlling study attainments e.g. for a degree certificate or for putting together a complete study module
- follow up and planning of instruction and studies: the student uses his/her transcript of the academic record to follow up on the studies, Schools and other units of the University obtain statistics on students and their study attainments for planning the education and evaluating the instruction
- maintaining information on the student’s internships and the payment of internship grants
- support for handling applications to study, maintaining data on the handling of applications
- processing the feedback on studies and instruction

The student information system also serves as an archive (e.g. study attainments are archived in it).


- Universities Act 558/2009 (Finlex)
- Government Decree on University Degrees 794/2004 (Finlex)
- Regulations of the University of Tampere
- University of Tampere’s Regulations on the Assessment of Studies
University of Tampere’s Regulations on Degrees



5.1. Basic information on the student

- student number
- personal identity code
- student’s permission to divulge information to third parties
- permission to publish the Master’s degree online
- name
- contact details
- sex
- citizenship
- language (Finnish/Swedish/other)
- domicile
- date of entry into data file
- enrolling as present/absent each semester
- membership in the Student Union
- previous education
- information on the student’s class/year

5.2. Rights to study

- information on the student’s degree, School, degree programme, specialism and major subject
- start and end dates of the right to study
- type of right to study (major/minor right to study)

5.3. Study attainments

- name and code of the study attainment
- type of study
- the place of study attainment in the study module or degree
- extent of the study attainment (credits and/or course units)
- date of the exam
- the grade received, if any
- name of the examiner
- place of the exam

5.3.1 Information on theses

- right to study in view of the thesis
- level of the thesis
- author/s of the thesis
- title of the thesis
- language of the thesis
- extent of the thesis in pages
- abstract of the thesis
- the thesis as a PDF file
- keywords
- permission to publish the thesis online
- information on printing and ordering the thesis

5.4. The degrees the student completes at the University of Tampere

- degree
- degree system
- decree on degrees
- School/Faculty
- the date the degree was granted
- degree programme
- specialism
- extent of the degree (credits and/or course units)
- major subjects, other subjects included in the degree and their extent and grades
- information on language studies
- information on professional qualifications (subject teacher, class teacher, translator, social worker, instructor of health science)
- title and grade of the thesis

5.5 Information on student exchange

- destination
- higher education institution
- exchange programme
- School at the University of Tampere
- start and end dates, duration and nature of the studies
- information on funding the studies
- the student’s report on the exchange studies
- permission to publish the student’s report online

5.6 Access control and user rights of computer resources

- access control ID card, access rights and their duration
- user account of the University’s computer resources

5.7 Information on applications to study and study right at Open University

- the studies the student wants to enrol to/apply for
- personal and contact details of the applicant/person enrolling
- for new students: personal identity code; for old students the student number of the Open University at the University of Tampere
- permission/denial of disclosing contact details for study-related and other purposes (e.g. small-scale opinion polls)
- educational level
- previous university studies
- other studies undertaken at the same time
- information if the student is an employee of the University of Tampere
- additional information possibly given by the person fulfilling the registration form
- information on the student’s study module or course unit and place to study
- type of studies
- start and end date of right to study
- information on payments and invoicing

5.8. Information on internships included in the studies

- information of whether the internship is optional or obligatory
- School or unit paying the intern’s salary

- information on the employer
- municipality where the internship takes places
- country
- internship periods
- funder
- full-time/part-time internship (in per cents)

- length of the internship
- information on funding

5.9 Other information

- information on course enrolment (name of the course, time of enrolment)
- information on exams (name of the study module, time of the exam, books to be examined and the possible special agreements the student has made)
- information on personal study planning (names of supervisors, general study planning information, information on the study modules the student plans to take)
- information on enrolment in exchange programmes and other studies offered by the University or other Higher Education Institutions (information on the student, destination, information on the scholarships the student applies to, information on how the application is processed)
- information on the specialism in the Master’s degree (information on the student, student’s proposal on the specialism, information on processing the information)
- information on feedback gathered about studies and instruction: information on survey questionnaires (the studies or instruction to which the survey is related, name of the School, instructors handling the survey, information on the user rights of employees who deal with student feedback as a part of their job), information on survey answers (information on the student, student’s responses to the questions, possible counter feedback from the instructor)
- contact information after studies if student gives permission (so called alumni)
- the codes used in the information system


- sign-in information from the Finnish service
- enrolment of new students from the Finnish OILI - Digital Enrolment Service for Higher Education Institutions (and/or from the student him/herself)
- presence/absence information on the basis of the student’s enrolment
- information on the payment of Tamy Student Union membership fee from Nordea bank (reference number of the payment) daily during the enrolment period, once a week during semesters
- information on study rights and degrees from the Schools
- information on study attainments from the Schools
- changes in the basic information as announced by the student
- information on studies in Open University from the Open University office
- information on the invoiced Open University fees from the Open University’s information system
- name and address information from the Population Register Centre
- information on entry from the access monitoring system
- user accounts in the University’s computer system from the user account register
- information on degrees, study modules,
courses and instruction, details of instructors who handle feedback from the University of Tampere’s electronic study information system (OPSI)


  • Statistics Finland (TilastoL 280/2004, available in Finnish) (Finlex)
  • Kela (Act on Student Financial Aid 65/94 41§, available in Finnish) (Finlex)
  • Tamy, the Student Union of the University of Tampere (YlioppilaskuntaA 116/98), available in Finnish) (Finlex) (information on membership in the student union)
  • Finnish Student Health Service (Primary Health Care Act 66/72 (Finlex) and Medical Board of Health’s instructions on student health service, Guideline 3/86)
  • For scientific research (Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999) and Personal Data Act (523/1999) (Finlex).
    A person requesting the information must present a proper research outline and provide the name of the principal investigator.
  • The Ministry of Education and Culture for the national database on higher education
  • From the national database on higher education to the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health  (Act on Health Care Professionals 559/1994, Decree on Health Care Professionals 564/1999)
  • Information on student exchange to CIMO, Centre for International Mobility
  • The publication archive of the University Library (theses and information concerning them)
  • To higher education institutions, which are partners in the nation-wide JOOPAS flexible study right system or other domestic student mobility system (cross-institutional studies: TUT, TAMK) (information related to flexible studies in a minor subject).
  • The information system of the financial services at the University of Tampere (name, address and billing information in case there are billable fees in the Open University)
  • The information system of the University Library at the University of Tampere (names and addresses of new students once a year)
  • The register of user accounts at the IT services of the University of Tampere (for the purposes of checking the user rights)
  • The thesis and information on it to the service provider printing the thesis (an agreement with Yliopistopaino)
  • to the students themselves
  • The university discloses the contact details of students for limited purposes that support the studies.

7.1 REGULAR TRANSFER OF DATA OUTSIDE The European Union OR the European Economic Area

- The theses whose online publication the author has apporved are published online in an open-access publication archive maintained by the University Library.


Electronic data (applies to all information systems that produce the functionalities of the register)
- user rights are granted on the basis of a written request
- users have a personal user account and a password
- the password is only valid for a limited time
- user rights are only granted to that part of the register, which the employee needs in his or her current job
- user rights are checked daily
- the data handling and transfer in the technical subsystems is protected appropriately
Manual data
- enrolment forms and register cards, and copies of degree certificates are stored in a locked room.

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