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Payments with regard to Studies at the University of Tampere

Student Union membership fee

The Student Union membership fee is compulsory for following students who register as “present” at the University:

  • first-cycle university degree (Bachelor)
  • second-cycle university degree (Master)

For the academic year 2017–2018 the fee is 116 Euros. For postgraduates the fee is 49 Euros, but it is optional since Student Union membership is not compulsory for postgraduate students. Other students do not pay the Student Union membership fee (for more information see who belong to the Student Union).

The Student Union membership fee must ALWAYS be paid using the personal reference number!  This reference number (viitenumero) can be found in NettiOpsu under Enrolment to the University during the enrolment period. You can also find out your reference number by calling the Registrar’s Office (050 318 7000) or writing to the address (Degree students accepted to Finnish language degree programmes will by default enrol using an electronic enrolment service, if possible, where all fees are paid as an online payment without a personal reference number.)

Further information about making payments and enrolment can be found in the University instructions for enrolment.  

Fee for restoration of lost study rights

Student who lose their right to study (e.g. by not enrolling either “present” or “absent” within the enrolment period must apply in writing for these rights to be restored. Those students receiving a positive response will be required to pay a re-registration fee of 35 euros (Government Decree No. 1082/2009, 4 §) See also further information on regaining the right to study.

Fees for separate studies taken

Study fees are charged for Open University and Alumni studiesStudy fee is 15 euros/credit. Alumni studies are free of charge until the end of the academic year following your graduation.

    The fee only comes once: even if the studies last for several academic years, not further tuition fee will be charged. The receipt of tuition fees paid must be presented on registration. Such fees are non-returnable.

    JOO students are not required to pay fees. See inter-university studies in minor subjects. The legal basis for charging tuition fees for separate studies is the Government Decree No. 1082/2009.

    Prices for printouts of studies taken

    Official transcripts and certified copies of degree certificates are free of charge.

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