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Checklist for those going on exchange

Before your departure

  • Your passport should be valid throughout the period of your sojourn in the country of destination (in some countries it must be valid for 6 months after you leave the country). If you intend to stay in a country for longer periods you will need a residence permit. You should obtain a residence permit prior to your departure from the embassy of the country in question except for EU and ETA countries, where the right to sojourn will be registered in the country of destination.

    If you are not an EU or ETA citizen you should check the requirements for residence permits case by case on the basis of your nationality and the country of destination. Citizens of the Nordic countries do not need residence permits in other Nordic countries.

    It may take up to 2 months to get a residence permit, so do it in good time.

    Representation of foreign states in Finland or in the nearest country to Finland
      (website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland)
    • Check your insurance with your own insurance company. You are recommended to take out insurance (including baggage, travel and legal insurance) even if you come within the local health insurance provisions. The University of Tampere does not insure students going on exchange. If you are travelling to Russia find out which insurance companies’ insurances are valid when obtaining your visa. In order to have health care in EU and ETA countries and in Switzerland at the same price as local residents, citizens of EU and ETA countries should have a European Health Insurance Card or equivalent certificate. Please note that the EHIC card does not mean reimbursement of repatriation costs after illness or accident. An appropriate travel insurance will reimburse such costs, likewise additional expenses accruing for care and own liability.
    • Find out at your own bank what the easiest and cheapest way is to transfer money to the country of destination. Options include EU payments, VISA, VISA Electron, giros or international automatic teller and credit cards. Find out in advance from your own bank all the information that you might need to transfer money to foreign banks (e.g. the bank’s BIC/SWIFT code, your own IBAN account number and the time it takes to process transfers).
    • If you are entitled to student financial aid, you should consult the Student Financial Aid Office (Main Building, room A108) for instructions. Please note that student grants will be paid into your Finnish bank account.
    • Read the travel reports (page is in Finnish only) of students who have already been on exchange at the same university or in the same country.
    • Get to know the web pages of your receiving institution and any other information about the city or country to which you are going. We highly recommend the country-specific facts for travellers given by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland, although they are published only in Finnish. If the security situation in the surroundings of your host university is or becomes bad, discuss about it with your exchange coordinator at UTA.    
    • Negotiate with your your own HOPS teacher/teacher in charge regarding the credit transfer of studies taken while on exchange and with the Head of Study Affairs of your faculty (opintopäällikkö) about including your studies while on exchange in your degree. More information concerning credit transfer can be found on the ECTS information package.
    • Remember to enroll at the University of Tampere as either “absent” or as “present”. When you enroll as "present" and pay the Student Union fee, you will receive a stamp on your student card and be entitled to take examinations at the University of Tampere, use the student health care services and discounts on train and bus tickets. You may also enroll as “present” for one semester only.
    • Please remember to complete the part of the enrolment form eliciting studies abroad. Alternatively you can report studying abroad on Nettiopsu. That way you ensure that you retain your right to an e-mail account at the University of Tampere while resident abroad. Please also remember to give the Registrar’s Office your current address. Please note that reporting your studies abroad via Nettiopsu is not the same as enrolling at the University!
    • Check in good time that you have all the vaccinations needed in the country of destination. It is advisable to have dental work (e.g. extraction of wisdom teeth) done before going on exchange, but do this in good time as the student dental services are heavily booked.
    • Inform the postal services and Local Register Office (maistraatti) of your removal. You can use the postal net service, telephone or paper form for this – available at post offices and at the Local Register Office. Instructions can be found at
    • Generally finding accommodation in the country of destination is your own responsibility, so please consider your options well in advance!

    When you have arrived

    • Enroll at your exchange university and if necessary also as a resident of the city of destination (you may need a certificate when dealing with other officials and the university). Also enroll with the local health care authorities if necessary.
    • If possible, do not miss the orientations and language courses because that is where you will meet international students and learn about programmes arranged for you. In case of problems, first contact the international office of the host university. If the problem is not solved there or you consider that informing the exchange coordinator at UTA should be done anyhow, please don't hesitate to do that.
    • Request certification of having completed courses. You can request an ECTS extract from Erasmus partner universities. All written work should be preserved for purposes of credit transfer.

    On your return

    • Inform the Local Register Office that you are again resident in Finland (see the link above).
    • Take care of the credit transfer of your studies abroad at the University of Tampere. For compensating courses forming part of the degree requirements, contact the teacher in charge. For including the studies taken abroad in the degree programme, contact the Head of Study Affairs of your faculty. More information concerning credit transfer can be found on the ECTS information package.
    • Write your travel report and return it in Nettiopsu. This is a condition for receiving travel assistance from the University and Erasmus and Nordplus grants. Travel reports are extremely valuable for those students who are planning on going on exchange! 

      Instructions for writing a travel report

      The report should be submitted within a month of your return.
    • In addition to the travel report Erasmus students are required to return the Letter of Confirmation and Learning Agreement documents.

    The Centre for International Education wishes you a useful and unforgettable exchange!

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