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Credit transfer from previously completed studies

A student studying for a degree at the University of Tampere may transfer credits from studies completed at another Finnish or Foreign institution of higher education or other educational institution, provided the previously completed studies align with the objectives of the degree the student is currently studying for. The credits from previously completed studies may be transferred to a degree only once.

Credit transfer is decreed in the University of Tampere's General Regulations on Degrees; faculties may also stipulate their own practices.

A student who is unsatisfied with a decision concerning credit transfer may apply for rectification of the decision. The request can be made orally or in writing and it should be addressed to the person in the faculty office who has made the decision. The application should be made within 14 days after notification of the decision.

Inclusion and substitution

There are two main types of credit transfer: inclusion and substitution.

  • Inclusion means that the student cannot or does not want to continue studying the discipline in question and would instead like to incorporate the studies into his or her degree. Inclusion decisions are made in the faculty office. For more information, please visit the faculty office and the Studies pages of the individual faculty.
  • Substitution means that the student is considered to have already completed some of the courses offered by the University of Tampere based on his or her previously completed studies. Faculties are responsible for the substitution of the courses they offer, and the teachers responsible for each study module or course within the faculty are responsible for the substitution of their own study modules and courses. In some faculties, substitution issues are also handled by, for example, an academic affairs coordinator. When you go to meet with the person responsible for substitution, be sure to bring with you all the relevant documents concerning the completed studies.

Language studies

For information on the credit transfer of language studies, please contact the Language Centre.

Credit transfer from studies completed abroad

More information can be found on the credit transfer of studies completed abroad page.

Open university studies

Credits from courses and study modules completed as open university studies after 1 January 1990 in accordance with the University of Tampere’s requirements are automatically transferred to the student register of a student enrolled in the university, meaning that diplomas for these studies do not need to be presented to the faculty separately.

Studies completed at universities of applied sciences

The credit transfer from studies completed at universities of applied sciences is usually only possible if you have completed a full degree. The matter must always be discussed with the Head of Study Affairs of the faculty in question.

Applying for a Master’s degree

A student who has already completed an suitable undergraduate (Bachelor's) degree can apply to study directly for a Master’s degree. Information on international Master's Degree programmes is available on the Admissions site.

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