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Special arrangements for students

If there are compelling reasons a student may apply for special arrangements. Such compelling reasons may be deafness, visual impairment or other sensory impairment, dyslexia, panic disturbance or Asperger’s syndrome. Special arrangements can be applied for on the form entitled “Application for special arrangements in studies”. The form, pdf includes more detail on applying and the necessary enclosures.

The form should be sent to Ms. Taija Tuominen, who is responsible for these special arrangements. She will add to the application a proposal for special arrangements and confirm this with the stamp of the University. This form can be used when agreeing on special arrangements with teachers. The teacher will decide how the special arrangements are to be put into practice on the basis of the objectives of the studies in question. The practices for special arrangements vary between faculties and degree programmes.

When special arrangements have been agreed on with the teachers, these must be mentioned, for example, when enrolling for a general examination occasion.

The University premises

The University of Tampere has premises at approximately 20 locations in the area of the City of Tampere. The largest of these (E.g. the Main Building, Pinni A and Pinni B) are equipped with ramps and toilet facilities specifically for people using wheelchairs. In the Main Building access to D Wing is facilitated by a lift. The lift goes to the 0 floor, from which a corridor leads to the downstairs cafeteria and the lecture theatres on the level of D wing.

The parking regulations of the City of Tampere are in force on the University campuses and therefore students with mobility restrictions using their own vehicles should ensure that they obtain student parking permits. These are sold at the Juvenes University bookshop in the Main building. These permits entitle students to park in the University area, but do not guarantee a parking space. Visitors to the University can obtain temporary parking permission from the University house managers (in Finnish vahtimestarit).

There are some parking spaces intended for handicapped people in front of the main entrance to the Main Building (2), in front of Pinni A (3) and in front of Pinni B (4) and on the lower level of the carpark by the Atalpa Building (2). Only those holding a handicapped person’s parking permit may use these spaces. A permit granted in the EU Member States is valid in all EU Member States. The permit is valid for the holder and is not restricted to a specific vehicle.

University restaurants and diets

There is wheelchair access to most of the University coffee places. Every day there is a lactose free alternative on the menu in the main restaurant. People with other diets can contact the restaurant manager direct. A suitable portion can be reserved by name and collected on agreed days.

Contact information

Special arrangements for studies:

Application Form for Special Arrangements, pdf

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