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If you run out of permitted time

Extending the right to study

If a student does not complete his/her studies within the time allowed, s/he loses his/her right to study. On application a student's right to study may be extended, i.e. s/he may be allowed extra time to complete his/her studies if s/he can provide the faculty with a viable plan for the completion of studies.

The form for applying for the extention to the right to study can be found in page Forms (>Application for extension to the right to study to complete a degree programme).

Universities Act 558/2009 (as amended up to 315/2011), unofficial translation:

Section 42: Extension of right to study

1. The university shall grant extension to the duration of studies on application to a student who has not finished his/her studies in the time referred to in Section 41 if the student presents a goal-oriented and feasible plan for completing the studies. In the plan the student must itemise the studies to be completed and the timetable for completing the degree.

2.The duration of studies shall be extended if it is possible for the student, in consideration of the number and extent of the completed, valid study entities and the missing study entities and any former decisions granting extension to the duration of studies, to complete his/her studies in a reasonable time. In granting extension to the duration of studies, the university must consider the life situation of the student.

Section 43. Forfeiture of right to study

1. A student who has not enrolled in the manner referred to in Section 39 or completed his/herstudies in the time referred to in Section 41 or in an extended time referred to in Section 42 and a student who has not been granted extension to the duration of studies shall forfeit his/her right to study. If such a person wishes to start or resume his/her studies at a later point, he/she must reapply to the university for admission. The application can be made without participation in the admissions procedure referred to in Section 36.


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