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How to take an exam in the TENTTIS electronic examination room in Seinäjoki

Electronic examinations take place in classrooms equipped with video surveillance on computers visually separated from each other. To take an examination electronically, you must first reserve a workstation in one of the two rooms, using the students' Electronic Examinations Service.

Available for examinations Mon-Fri between 8.00–20.00.

  • TENTTIS is located on the first floor of the C-building in the University Consortium area. Its visiting address is Frami, Kampusranta 9C (1st floor), Seinäjoki, please see guide map, pdf and driving instructions
  • To access TENTTIS you need a key card. To get your key card, please go to the office of University of Tampere Open University. Its address is Kampusranta 9C (2nd floor). Open office. To check opening times during holidays and festivities, please see University of Tampere Open University. If you can’t pick up your key card during normal opening hours, please arrange another appointment time by calling 040 190 1824.
    NB! These key cards are valid only in Seinäjoki.
  • When attending an exam, remember to bring your key card with you – it is necessary for admittance to the exam. Please remember that each person must use his or her own card to enter because your identity is confirmed by the system comparing the information on your key card with the video recording and your examination work.
  • There is a recording video surveillance system (CCTV) in the examination room.
  • You may not bring anything with you into the examination room, so please deposit your belongings and coat, etc. in a green locker. All you need at the PC station is your key card and the locker key. Because you take the exam electronically, you do not need pens, paper or proof of identity (other than your key card). Mobile phones are not permitted in the examination room. You are not allowed to leave the PC during the exam.
  • Select the PC according to the number that was given when you made your reservation. If you cannot remember the number and try to log in on the wrong PC, it will give you the correct number.
  • If you can’t take the exam due to technical problems or for other reasons, please follow the instructions that you will find in the examination room.
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