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If you need any help with your User Account or key cards, please contact:

IT Services - Customer Service

IT Services (Intranet)

Feedback on the services can be sent to the address opiskeluwww(at)

Electronic Services and Web Tools

The web tools for students include personalised services, which require authentication. To access the web tools you need a Basic User Account (BUA).

Basic User Account (BUA)

BUA is your necessary key which gives access to the student services and university email that are used during your stay here. In order to use your basic user account, you must be enrolled as present at the university.

How to get BUA, if you do not already have it?

When you register, you get a Basic User Account (BUA) and activation instructions from the Registrar's Office. Please activate your BUA promptly.

Activation of the Basic user account

How to manage your BUA?

Your user account can be accessed and managed through a service called NettiKatti.

University email (

The university email address is your official mail address where you receive information related to studies, so please use it.

It is possible to redirect this mail to another address in NettiKatti. When contacting teachers or staff, please use your official address to ensure that your mail is not blocked by spam filters and that the recipient knows who you are.

Office 365 Webmail

Access to Computer Facilities

Your student ID card will be activated to function as an electronic key to students’ computer facilities upon collection from the Student Union. For the first few weeks you can get a separate key card from the Customer Service at the Computer Centre.

Please note that the student ID card of doctoral students and researchers does not have this key function, so they must always obtain a separate key card from the Computer Centre.

Student's Desktop

Currently the electronic services for students are primarily found and accessed through two services: Student’s Desktop (a new service that will be further developed) and NettiOpsu (a service that will be discontinued in the future)

Student’s Desktop was released 31 August 2016. Via Student’s Desktop you can:

  • View your academic transcript
    • Send an unofficial transcript to any e-mail address
    • Order an official transcript to be sent to you by post
  • Plan your studies using the Study Planner (a test version to be released during the autumn)
  • Apply for cross-institutional studies at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) or Tampere University of Technology (TUT)
  • Change your contact information
  • Order an official student certificate
  • View the target completion time for your degree and time taken so far
  • Add your personal internet calendars to be viewed on Student’s Desktop
  • Access other web tools related to study affairs

In the Student Bulletins section you will be shown bulletins related to the degree programme and faculty you are studying in, as well as more general information directed to all students. By default, these bulletins will also be sent to your e-mail, but this can be turned off. You can also browse and read earlier bulletins.

Under Notifications, an automatic notification will be shown when you have been selected to a course, been placed in a queue or not been accepted in a course or you have recently received new credits or degrees.


NettiOpsu is a service that will be discontinued in the future and, as a result, has functions that overlap with those found on Student’s Desktop. The following procedures, however, can only be done in NettiOpsu:

  • enrol on examinations and courses (NB! the enrolment to electronic exams is done in the Electronic exam service)
  • apply for student exchange
  • submit your master’s thesis (after consulting your supervisor)
  • apply for a degree certificate

Electronic Exam Service

At the University of Tampere many exams can be taken as electronic examinations through Electronic Exam Service.

Further information on taking exams


Moodle is an online learning environment used on many courses. It includes a wide range of tools to support learning and teaching. Moodle is administered centrally by the University IT services.

Other Electronic Services

If the web tools are not working properly, please read the Browser instructions for student's web tools.

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