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Tampere Center for Child Health ResearchUniversity of TampereTampere Center for Child Health Research
Tampere Center for Child Health Research

Latest news and events

The widespread deregulation of gene expression in acute childhood leukemia (2.11.2016)

Disturbances in blood cell gene transcription may lead to leukemia (20.7.2016)

Healthy gut microbes could treat malnutrition (21.2.2016)

New facility for Center of Child Health Research in Tampere (20.2.2016)

University of Tampere involved in Science and Cell papers describing gut microbiota and breast milk in treating of malnuourisment (19.2.2016)

Tampere Center for Child Health Research aims to bear fruit in the study of infant development (3.12.2015)

Shared pleasure – the latest innovation in Tampere (28.10.2015)

A new chapter helps the smallest children in the world (10.9.2015)

Dental infections may shorten pregnancy and affect birth size (9.9.2015)

Laura Kivelä was awarded for the best oral presentation in the 16th ICDS

New research project focusing on preventing and testing of diabetes and coeliac disease (1.9.2015)

Keijo Viiri joins UTA Research Collegium (19.8.2015)

TEKES grant for Global health group (18.8.2015)

TACC seminar series spring, 2015

Light into Darkness - the science event 17.1.2015

Professor Tuula Tamminen to EC's Scientific Panel for Health (SPH) (10.12.2014)

Universal Children's day event Tampere Hall (8.11.2014)

TACC seminar series autumn, 2014

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation granted a donation for PhD Olli Lohi

The 6th Science Day of the Kauppi Campus 13.2.2014

Light into Darkness – the science event 18.1.2014

TACC seminar series spring, 2014

Kyky muistaa kasvoja määräytyy osittain perinnöllisesti (15.1.2014)

Interventions in infancy – Does it matter what we do? 10.1.2014

Welcome to Tampere Center for Child Health Research (TACC), a scientific unit that was created in 2012 through a restructuring and expansion of activities formerly carried out by several independent actors at the University of Tampere and Tampere University Hospital.

With a personnel of approximately 100 staff members and research students, TACC carries out multidisciplinary research with a wide range of methodologies, aiming at improved means to promote and resume healthy growth among infants and children worldwide.

TACC is located in the joint campus of Tampere University Hospital and the University of Tampere.

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Kalevantie 4, 33014 Tampereen yliopisto
puh. (03) 355 111
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