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Towards Two-speed Finland?

People in the project


PhD, docent Pirjo Nikander is a Senior Research Fellow in the University of Tampere Institute for Advanced Social Research. Her long-term research interests concern age as social identity, ageism, the baby boom generation, age as a part of institutional interaction and decision making, as well as research methodologies.  As the primary investigator of the research project, her expertise facilitates the implementation of the methodology and analytic process. Doctor Nikander is the Finnish representative of the EU-COST network “Ageism: A Multi-National, Interdisciplinary Perspective” (2015-2018) which provides the project with further possibilities for international networking and research collaboration.

  • Tel: 040 190 1373
  • Email: pirjo.nikander(a)

PhD, docent Kirsi Lumme-Sandt is a research coordinator for the school of health sciences in the University of Tampere. Lumme-Sandt’s research interests concern the representations of old age in print media as well as the meanings and expectations related to old age. She is also interested in the everyday life of older people. Recently she has studied the life stories and coping of people over 90 who still live at home. For years she has collaborated with occupational health researchers in order to investigate the themes of work ability and coping with the workload.

  • Tel: 040 190 1606
  • Email: kirsi.lumme-sandt(a)

PhD, professor Clas-Håkan Nygård works at the research group of occupational health (school of health sciences) in the University of Tampere. He has an extensive experience about investigating the ageing worker’s working ability, their coping as well as promoting well-being through intervention studies. His research interests lay in particular in the ageing at work, working ability and coping with the burden, intervention studies, health technology, ergonomics as well as physiology and gerontology of work. Professor Nygård had published scientific articles in particular about ageing in work and the long term effects of work in the individual ability during old age.

  • Tel: 050 586 5959
  • Email: clas-hakan.nygard(a)

Dr. Soc. Sci. Elisa Virkola graduated as an from the University of Helsinki in 2007 majoring in social work. In 2014 she completed her doctoral studies at the University of Jyväskylä. Her social gerontology dissertation “Agency, reflexivity and negotiations – Dementia in the everyday life of a woman who lives alone” is a qualitative longitudinal study in which she observed for two and a half years the daily lives of five demented woman. This study is unique in Finland and its methodology can seamlessly be integrated in the “Towards a Two-speed Finland?” research project. Virkola has excellent skills as a researcher, she is highly aware of ethical issues and her social skills are well suited to working with people who are in precarious situations in their lives.

  • Tel: 050 509 9094
  • Email: elisa.virkola(a)

Dr. Soc. Sci, MS Jari Luomanen is an expert in qualitative analysis. He has carried out research inquiries concerning the long term unemployed and their experiences, bad leadership, the significance of the media and technology in the everyday life as well as computer assisted qualitative analysis. Luomanen has extensive experience in the management of ethical issues in research as well as meeting with people who are potentially in a vulnerable situation in their lives. His diverse expertise on qualitative research is a valuable asset to the research project.

  • Tel: 050 318 7502
  • Email: jari.luomanen(a)
290910tiivisPARAS.jpg MS, Master of Arts Tiina Merikanto is a journalist at YLE (Finland's national public service broadcasting company) specializing in social and health issues. She has investigated several difficult topics and contributed in the public sense making on these issues. ( Merikanto has been awarded with the Bonnier Great Journalism award (2011), The Finnish Association for Mental Health’s (2011) as well as Duodecim’s public communicator awards and an award for the “Memory achievement of the year” by the Society for Memory Disorders Expertise in Finland. In her career she has specialized in documents where people’s lives are followed for long periods of time. This makes her an ideal professional journalist contributor in the project.

PhD Anna Siukola is working at the research group of occupational health (School  of Health Sciences). Her research interests have been related to health, work ability/work wellbeing and sickness absence among employees. Siukola has worked as a project researcher in several research projects.

  • Tel: 050 318 7749
  • Email: anna.siukola(a)
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