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7th Arachne Conference

7th Arachne Conference

Women, Power and Agency in Antiquity

Tampere, Finland 22 - 24 October 2014

Venue: University of Tampere, Pinni B -building (address: Kanslerinrinne 1)

This is an interdisciplinary conference on the lives of women in Antiquity and the early Medieval period organised by Trivium – Tampere Centre for Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Studies, University of Tampere in collaboration with the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Gothenburg. We have invited papers that explore the ways in which women could exercise political, economic, or religious influence outside the household. We were particularly interested in papers that focus on the lives of women who did not belong to the elite.

Topics may include (but were not limited to):
• women and economy
• women in business
• women's activity in local communities (politics, charity, religion etc.)
• women and religion
• women's visibility in the urban sphere
• women as representatives of their families
• women's public activities in different phases of life

We welcome the participation of doctoral students as well as of senior researchers.

Organizing committee:

Katariina Mustakallio
Lena Larsson Lovén
Marja-Leena Hänninen
Helène Whittaker
Agneta Strömberg

ARACHNE is a cross-disciplinary network which was launched in 1997. 

Participants were initially scholars based in the Nordic countries. 

The creation of the network was a result of the symposium Women’s lives in Antiquity, held in Gothenburg in June 1997.  The purpose of the symposium, which led to the creation of the network, was to increase research contacts between scholars in the Nordic countries, who are working on questions concerning gender and/or women’s history in relation to the ancient world.

The ARACHNE network is open to MA and postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers and established scholars from various academic disciplines whose work deals with issues of gender in antiquity. The ambition of the ARACHNE is to arrange a symposium/conference every third year. Since its creation ARACHNE has grown far beyond the circle of Nordic academics and it is now open to scholars from other countries as well.

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