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Anna Matyska

Postdoctoral researcher

Phone: 050 318 6150

Office hours: by appointment

Research interests:

Transnational anthropology and transnational families

Polish migration, and communist and post-communist changes in Eastern Europe

Anthropology of Eastern Europe

Anthropology of kinship and family 

Class and transnational class making

Posted work and transformations of labour market

Research projects:

Anna is currently conducting a three-year-long post-doctoral research on the transnational class practices and identifications of Polish posted workers in Scandinavia and their families in Poland. The research debates the concept of class in a transnational space and the public-private intersections of transnational class reproduction from anthropological perspective. Ethnographic fieldwork includes Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Poland. The first year of the project is funded by the Kone Foundation.  

Anna did her PhD dissertation on transnational families living between Poland and Finland in the changing political circumstances of the Cold War and post-Cold War period (Transnational families in the making: the Polish experience of living between Poland and Finland throughout and after the Cold War, Tampere University Press 2014).

In her dissertation, Anna investigated how, in changing historical and political circumstances, such transnational families maintain contact, how they manage their emotional lives, how they negotiate stratification hierarchies, how they maintain intergenerational continuity and what the place of sociocultural ties to Finland in their transnational lives is.


‘Transnational Spaces between Poland and Finland: the Grassroots Dismantling of the Iron Curtain and Their Political Entanglements’ In: Beyond the Curtain: Entangled Histories of the Cold War era Europe, eds. Simo Mikkonen and Pia Koivunen. BerghahnBooks. Submitted to the publisher for a final review. 

‘Imagination in transnational families across the Cold War and post-Cold War space’. In: Imagining (in) the World: An Ethnographical Perspective. Eds. Bob Kurik and Tomas Ryska, with foreword by Jonathan Friedman. Under 2nd review.

‘Tunteet Ja Taloudellinen Apu Transnationaalissa Perheessä.’ Sosiologia 48 (3), 2011.

Book Review of Kathy Burrell (ed.) (2009) Polish Migration to the UK in the ‘New’ European Union: After 2004’, Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration, 5 (1), 2010.

‘Transnational practices and incorporation materialized: Polish transnational migration and the world of goods´, Two homelands, March 2009.

Multiple conference papers. Most recent include:

‘Moral economy of transnational families in the changing political landscape of Poland and Finland throughout and after the Cold War.’ Presented at the conference Intimate Migrations: Marriage, Sex Work and Kinship in Transnational Migration, 3-5 April, 2013, Roskilde University and the Danish Institute for International Studies in Copenhagen, Denmark.

‘ICTs as the reproductive technologies of transnational kinship in the Cold War and post Cold War era Technology in the Age of Information.’ Presented at the 18th International Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, July 4-6, 2013, Lisbon, Portugal.

‘Transnational family transfers: uncertain times and contested exchanges.’ Presented at The 12th European Association of Social Anthropologists Biennial Conference: Uncertainty and Disquiet, 10th -13th July 2012, Nanterre, France.


Since 2008, Anna has taught courses Contemporary Perspectives on Family and Kinship and Anthropology of Eastern Europe at the University of Tampere, and gave multiple guest lectures.



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