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Eerika FinellEerika Finell

PhD, Senior Lecturer (Social Psychology)

Phone: 050 318 7646
Room: LINNA 5063

Office hours:by appointment


Research interests:

  • Problems in indoor environment and psychosocial well-being
  • National symbols
  • Intergroup relations
  • Implicit and explicit attitudes
  • Group identities


Research projects:

Indoor air problems and schools. Using quantitative methods, this interdisciplinary research project analyses whether and how indoor air problems influence perceived indoor air quality and psychosocial well-being of lower secondary school students (External Funding: Juho Vainio Foundation).

Indoor air as an experience: This qualitative research project analyses the kinds of meanings and lived experiences it is associated with indoor air problems (External Funding:  Hengityssairauksien tutkimussäätiö).

The changes in meanings of national symbols among Finnish adolescents in 2002, 2008 and 2014. Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, this research project examines the kinds of meanings are associated with Finnish national symbols and explores how these meanings change - and if indeed they do change - over time (External Funding: Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation).



Peer-reviewed articles and book chapters      

  1. Finell, E., Tolvanen, A., Pekkanen, J., Minkkinen, J., Ståhl, T. & Rimpelä, A. (2018).  Psychosocial problems, indoor air-related symptoms and perceived indoor air quality among students in schools without indoor air problems: A longitudinal study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15, 1497, doi: 10.3390/ijerph15071497

  2. Finell, E. (2018). The nation, social networks and meaning: qualitative research on autobiographical memories associated with the national flag-raising rituals among Finnish adolescents. Political Psychology. Doi: 10.1111/pops.12512.

  3. Finell, E., Tolvanen, A., Haverinen-Shaughnessy, Laaksonen, L., Karvonen, S., Sund R., Luopa, L., Pekkanen, J. & Ståhl, T. (2018). An association between schools’ indoor air problems and perceived school’s social climate – a multilevel structural equation analysis. Science of the Total Environment, 624, 1504-1512.

  4. Finell, E., Seppälä, T. & Suoninen, E. (2018). “It was not me who was sick, it was the building”.  A qualitative study on rhetorical identity management strategies of indoor air sufferers in workplaces. Qualitative Health Research, 28, 1366-1377.

  5. Finell, E. & Seppälä, T. (2018).Indoor air problems and experiences of injustice in the workplace: a quantitative and a qualitative study. Indoor Air, 28, 125–134.

  6. Minkkinen, J., Lindfors P., Kinnunen, J., Finell, E., Vainikainen M-P., Karvonen, S., Rimpelä A. (2017). Health as a predictor of students’ academic achievement –a three-level longitudinal study of Finnish adolescents. Journal of School Health, 87, 902-910.

  7. Finell, E. (2017). Patriotism. Moghaddam, F.M. (toim.), The Sage Encyclopedia of Political Behavior. Vol 2 (pp. 589-590). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

  8. Finell, E., Haverinen-Shaughnessy, U., Tolvanen, A., Laaksonen, L., Karvonen, S., Sund R., Saaristo, V., Luopa, L., Ståhl, T., Putus, T., & Pekkanen, J. (2017). The associations of indoor environment and the psychosocial factors on subjective evaluation of indoor air quality among lower secondary school students: a multilevel analysis. Indoor Air, 27, 329-337.

  9. Finell, E. & Zogmaister, C. (2015). Blind and constructive patriotism, national symbols and outgroup attitudes. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 56, 189-197.

  10. Finell, E., Olakivi, A., Liebkind, K, & Lipsanen, J. (2013). Does It matter how I perceive my nation?: National symbols, national identification and attitudes toward immigrants. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 54, 529-535.

  11. Graf. S., Bilewicz, M., Finell, E., & Geschke, D. (2013). Mind your language: Effects of linguistic abstractness on intergroup bias. Journal of Language and Social Psychology 32, 62 - 83.

  12. Finell, E., & Liebkind, K. (2010). National symbols and distinctiveness: Rhetorical strategies in creating distinct national identities. British Journal of Social Psychology, 49, 321–341.

  13. Mähönen, T. A., Jasinskaja-Lahti, I., Liebkind, K., & Finell, E. (2011). Perceived importance of contact revisited. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 14, 19-30.

  14. Mähönen, T. A., Jasinskaja-Lahti, I., Liebkind, K., & Finell, E. (2010). Perceived normative pressure and majority adolescents’ implicit and explicit attitudes towards immigrants. International Journal of Psychology, 45, 182-189.

  15. Sinisterra, J., Finell, E., & Geschke, D. (2009). “I can feel we don't like them”: On the emotional nature of prejudice.  I. Jasinskaja-Lahti, & T. A. Mähönen (toim.), Identities, intergroup relations and acculturation – The cornerstones of intercultural encounters (pp. 125-136). Helsinki: Gaudeamus.


 Non-refereed scientific articles and book chapters

  1. Finell, E. (2013). Lectio preacursoria: Kuinka kansalliset symbolit ovat yhteydessä maahanmuuttajiin kohdistuneisiin asenteisiin? [How national symbols are related to attitudes toward immigrants]. Psykologia, 48, 124-127. JUFO: 2.

  2. Finell, E., & Olakivi, A. (2012). Paikkaidentiteetit pyhtääläisen ajan pyörteessä [Place identity in the Pyhtää time vortex]. In K. Helkama & A. Olakivi (toim.): Muuttuva Pyhtää - muuttuva Suomi. Arvot, työ ja identiteetti 1975-2007 [Changing Pyhtää – changing Finland. Values, work and identity] (s. 147-169). Helsinki: Sosiaalitieteiden laitoksen julkaisuja 19.*

  3. Helkama, K., Finell, E., & Pirttilä-Backman, A-M. (2009). A new sense of community? Changes in values and local identification at Pyhtää 1993-2007. In J. Nikula (Ed.), Maaseutuaiheita. Rural motifs. Essays in honour of professor Leo Granberg (pp. 63-75). Aleksanteri series 5.


  1. Finell, E. (2012). National symbols, their meanings, and how they relate to national identification, outgroup attitudes and national sentiments: Rhetorical, correlational and experimental studies. Publications of the Department of Social Research 12/2012.

 Publications intended for professional communities

  1. Haverinen-Shaugnessy, U., Finell, E. & Wiss, K. (2016). Koulujen sisäilmatutkimukset ja tarkastusten kehittäminen. Tutkimusta tiiviisti 8/2016. Helsinki: Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos.

  2. Finell, E. (2017). Syrjintä ja työpaikan sisäilmaongelmat. Hengityskanava 12.12.2017

  3. Finell., E (2018). Tapasimme tutkijan. Psykologia-lehti, 2018/1.


Publications intended for the general public

  1. Finell, E. (2013). Kansalliset symbolit ja asenteet maahanmuuttajia kohtaan. Sosiaalipsykologi-lehti, 18-21.

  2. Finell, E (2018). Koulujen sisäilmaongelmat ja opettaja-oppilassuhteet. Blogivieraat, Suomen vanhempainliitto 15.6.2018,



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