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Johanna RuusuvuoriRuusuvuori Johanna

Professor of Social Psychology
Tel: +358-050-3186151
Phone: 050 318 6151
Office: LINNA 5068



Emotion in interaction
Intertwine of vocal and non-vocal interaction
Social interaction at work (professionals, clients and multiprofessional cooperation)
Work-life participation (quality of working life, rehabilitation, workplace accommodation)
Practices, processes and effectiveness in the provision of health care
Digitalization of health care services
Qualitative methodology in social sciences
Interview as data-gathering method
Ethnomethodology and conversation analysis

Ongoing research projects

Evidence-based health promotion@work. (Academy of Finland/SRC) 2016-2019.

       Subproject on group based counseling interaction

New competitiveness and business impact from intelligence, intuition, integration and interaction (NewBI5). (TaY & TTY, co-innovation project, Business Finland 2018-2020)

Health care workers’ changing position in the digitalization of health care services (The Finnish Work Environment Fund) 2017-2020

Occupational health conference in supporting work-ability. (UTa & FIOH; The Finnish Work Environment Fund) 2015-2018


Earlier research projects

Group counselling for lifestyle change. Group interaction and technologically mediated counselling as part of personalized health care (UTa & FIOH; Juho Vainio Foundation) 2014-2015,

Communication with the help of a hearing-aid. A comparative study of persons with acquired hearing loss within their interactions in private settings and with hearing health practitioners 2010-2014,  (Ruusuvuori)

Family-centered care in maternity and child health care clinics 2008-2014Supporting work-life participation of people with hearing impairment  2011-2013

Recent publications

Ruusuvuori J & Asmuss B (in press). Complaining about others at work. Research on Language and Social Interaction. Published in January 2020.

Tiitinen S, Weiste E, Vehviläinen S, Ruusuvuori J, Lusa S, Laitinen J (2018). Reflektoinnin välttämistä ja vertaistukea. Tarinoiden tehtävät palo- ja pelastusalan lähijohtajien ryhmäohjauksessa. Uses of narratives in group counseling of managers in fire- and rescue field. Aikuiskasvatus [Adult Education] 3:38:208–222.

Logren A, Ruusuvuori J & Laitinen J (2017). Self-reflective talk in group counselling. Discourse Studies 19:4: 422-440. DOI: 10.1177/1461445617706771

Logren A, Ruusuvuori J & Laitinen J (2017). Group members’ questions shape participation in health counselling and health education. Patient Education and Counseling, published online May 6th. DOI:

Ruusuvuori J & Tiittula L (2017). Tutkimushaastattelu ja vuorovaikutus [Research interview and interaction]. In: Hyvärinen M, Nikander P & Ruusuvuori J (eds.) Tutkimushaastattelun käsikirja [Handbook of Research Interview] Tampere: Vastapaino, 46–86.

Ruusuvuori J & Nikander P (2017) Haastatteluaineiston litterointi [Transcription of interview data]. In: Hyvärinen M, Nikander P & Ruusuvuori J (eds.) Tutkimushaastattelun käsikirja [Handbook of Research Interview] Tampere: Vastapaino, 427–444.

Peräkylä A & Ruusuvuori J (2017). Analyzing talk & text. In: Denzin & Lincoln (eds.) Handbook of Qualitative Research, 5th edition, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 669–690.

Ruusuvuori J (2016). Katse [The gaze]. In: Stevanovic M & Lindholm C (eds.) Keskustelunanalyysi. Kuinka tutkia sosiaalista toimintaa ja vuorovaikutusta [Conversation analysis. How to study social action and interaction]. Tampere: Vastapaino, 47-62.

Ruusuvuori J (2016). Comment: The constituents of rapport in a standardized survey interview. Sociological Methodology 1-3. DOI: 10.1177/0081175016644898

Koskela Inka, Ruusuvuori Johanna, Juvonen-Posti Pirjo, Nevala Nina, Husman Päivi, Aaltonen Tarja, Lonka Eila, Laakso Minna. (2016). Dilemmatic group memberships of hard-of-hearing employees during the process of acquiring and adapting to the use of hearing aids. International Journal of Rehabilitation Research.

Ruusuvuori J & Nikander P (2016). Puheen litterointikäytännöistä eri tutkimustarkoituksiin [On transcribing data for different research purposes]. In Tiittula L. & Nuolijärvi P (eds.) Puheesta tekstiksi. Puheen kirjallisen esittämisen alueita, keinoja ja rajoja. Helsinki: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, 63–86.

Kaukomaa T, Peräkylä A & Ruusuvuori J (2015). How Listeners Use Facial Expression to Shift the Emotional Stance of the Speaker’s Utterance. Research on Language and Social Interaction 48:3: 319-341.

Ruusuvuori J. Facial expression. (2015). In: Tracy, K., Ilie, C. & Sandel, T. (eds.). The International Encyclopedia of Language and Social Interaction. Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell. DOI: 10.1002/9781118611463

Tiitinen S & Ruusuvuori J (2015). Producing gendered parenthood in child health clinics. Discourse & Society 26:1:113—132.

Kaukomaa T, Peräkylä A & Ruusuvuori J (2014). Foreshadowing a problem: Turn-opening frowns in conversation.  Journal of Pragmatics, Volume 71, September 2014, Pages 132-147

Nevala N, Pehkonen I, Koskela I, Ruusuvuori J & Anttila H (2014). Workplace Accommodation Among Persons with Disabilities: A Systematic Review of Its Effectiveness and Barriers or Facilitators. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation. Available online DOI 10.1007/s10926-014-9548-z

Ruusuvuori J. Patient-healer communication. (2014). In: Cockerham W.C., Dingwall R. & Quah S. (eds.) The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Health, Illness, Behavior, and Society. John Wiley & Sons Inc. DOI: 10.1002/9781118410868.wbehibs141

Tiitinen S & Ruusuvuori J. (2014). Encouraging parents to talk about their problems: Multimodal analysis of formulating and gaze in maternity and child health clinics. Research on Language and Social Interaction 47:1, 49-68.

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