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Markku Sippola

Markku Sippola

University Lecturer

Phone: 050 509 9044
Room: LINNA 5071

Office hours:by appointment

Research interests:

industrial relations, labour mobility, social policy, regulation theory


Danaj, Sonila, Caro, Erka, Mankki, Laura, Sippola, Markku & Lillie, Nathan. 2018. Unions and Migrant Workers: The Perspective of Estonians in Finland and Albanians in Italy and Greece. In: Virginia Doellgast, Nathan Lillie & Valeria Pulignano (eds.) Reconstructing Solidarity: Labour Unions, Precarious Work, and the Politics of Institutional Change in Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 207-225.

Kall, Kairit, Lillie, Nathan, Sippola, Markku & Mankki, Laura. 2018. “Overcoming Barriers to Transnational Organizing Through Identity Work: Finnish-Estonian Trade Union Cooperation”, Work, Employment and Society. Article first published online on 5 January 2018 at

Sippola, M. 2017. “Ideological underpinnings of the development of social dialogue and industrial relations in the Baltic States”. A report commissioned by the Council of Nordic Trade Unions (NFS). Available at:

Saari, Tiina, Sippola, Markku, Melin, Harri, Balabanova, Evgeniya & Efendiev, Azer. 2017. “Yllättävän yhteneväiset – vertailussa suomalainen ja venäläinen työelämä” (Surprisingly uniform – the Finnish and Russian working life compared), Idäntutkimus 24(1): 20-33.

Sippola, Markku. 2016. “Dancing to the Tune of the Employer? Union-Management Relationships at Nordic Subsidiaries in Russia”, Economic and Industrial Democracy.

Sippola, Markku & Kall, Kairit. 2016. “Locked in inferiority? The positions of Estonian construction workers in the Finnish migrant labour regime”, Comparative Social Research 32: 197-222.

Sippola, Markku. 2016. “Human Resource Management Practices and Institutional Bricolage at Nordic-owned factories in Russia”, The Journal of Comparative Economic Studies 11:61-79.

Mankki, Laura & Sippola, Markku. 2015. Maahanmuuttajat suomalaisilla työmarkkinoilla: intersektionaalisuus ja "hyvä kansalainen" työmarkkina-aseman määrittäjänä (Migrants in the Finnish labour market: Intersectionality and ”good citizenship” as determinants for the position in the labour market). Työelämän tutkimus (The Finnish Work Research Journal) 13 (3), 193-208.

Sippola, Markku. 2015. The Finnish labour market model: Collective agreements versus legislation in a perspective of goals and values. In: De Nordiske Arbejdsmarkedsmodeller I Global Konkurrence. Copenhagen: Foreningen Norden, 21-31.

Danaj, Sonila & Sippola, Markku. 2015. Organizing posted workers in the construction sector. In: J. Drahokoupil (ed) The outsourcing challenge: organizing workers across fragmented production networks. Brussels: ETUI, 217-235.

Research projects:

Dialogisuutta rakentamassa - tutkimus- ja kehittämishanke Suomen maahanmuuttajaryhmien keskinäisistä suhteista (Constructing dialogue - research and development project on mutual relations of migrant populations in Finland) (University of Tampere 2018-2020), PI Dr. Markku Sippola, funded by Kone Foundation

Industrial Citizenship and Labour Mobility in the EU (University of Jyväskylä 2014-2016), PI Prof. Nathan Lillie, funded by the Academy of Finland

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