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Matti Hyvärinen

Matti Hyvärinen

Research Director (10%)

Phone: 050 318 6093
E-mail: matti.k.hyvarinen(at)
Room: LINNA 5051


New room: LINNA 5051

Real phone number: +358 40 822 4045

Office hours: by appointment

Research interests:

Narrative research and theory, the conceptual history of narrative, social genres of narrative.

Narrative theory and research are the foci of my academic interest. My long-term project has been to investigate the conceptual history of narrative, the way the understanding about narrative changes historically, geographically and disciplinarily over the past 50 years. This project  is integral part of the sociology and history of human sciences. As a part of this work, I have indeed re-written the histories of the narrative turns. My objective has been to initiate and carry on in-depth conversation between the literary scholars and social scientists about narrative theory. The social genres of narrative are my most recent topic of research interest. As regards narrative analysis, I have developed and taught a method I call “expectation analysis”. Currently, I am leading an Academy of Finland Big Data research project "Voices of Democracy: The Will of the People by the People and by their Representatives (2017-2021).




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Hyvärinen Matti. (2004). Eletty ja kerrottu kertomus. Sosiologia 2004 (4), 297-309.

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