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Rebecca Lund

PhD., Academy of Finland Postdoc

Visiting Scholar, Educational Anthropology, Centre for Higher Education Futures (CHEF), Aarhus University 

Editor-in-Chief of NORA: Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research (January 2019-December 2020)

Phone: 050 437 7108
Room: LINNA 5108

Office hours:by appointment

Educational Qualifications:

August 2015: Doctor of Philosophy, Organization Studies, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.

Doing the ‘ideal academic’: Gender, excellence and changing academia. Helsinki: Unigrafia, aalto dissertation series.

Doctoral commiitee recognition reward for the best doctoral thesis of 2015

Supervisors: Professor Janne Tienari and Senior Lecturer Marja Vehviläinen

Spring 2010: Master of Political Science, Aarhus University, Denmark.

Research interests:

My interests cover Feminist Theory, Espistemology, Epistemic disobedience,  Micro and macro politics of Inequality, Institutional Ethnography and feminist methodology, Academic Work and careers, effects of neoliberalism, post-capitalism and educational futures.


Academy of Finland project, Tampere University, Finland

Epistemic Injustice; Class, Race and Gender relations in Feminist Knowledge Production

Feminist scholarship(s) offers a critique of orders and practices of inequality. But to what extent does it contribute to these itself? This project seeks to unpack gendered, raced and classed tensions within critical feminist knowledge production, in order to explore how these contribute to the reproduction of social inequality. The project explicates how the historical, social and political processes – within which feminist scholarship(s) is embedded – shape whose and which knowledge is deemed legitimate/illegitimate. It asks: what and whose knowledge achieves status as credible, valuable and legitimate, why is this so, how does it become the subject of ongoing struggles and a source of the reproduction of inequality within academia. These issues will be addressed through an analysis of early career female academics experiences of engaging in feminist knowledge production within the specific historical, social and disciplinary contexts.

Aarhus University and University of Auckland,  CHEF, URGE, UNIKE

Gender and Intersectionality in leadership

Collaborate with Professor Susan Wright and Senior Lecturer Kirsten Locke on a comparative research project in which we study 'who and what knowledge is ascribed value' in women's career paths and leadership in the context of neoliberalised universities in New Zealand and Denmark. We study gendered power relations, class, immigrant identities and 'doing careers and leadership otherwise.'   

Balance Project, Norwegian Research Council, University of Agder, Norway

Gendered careers in the University of Agder

Collaborate with Senior Researcher and Postdoc May-Linda Magnussen and Assistant Professor Hege Wallewik on studying genderes cultures in a Norwegian University and the conservative region of Agder. We draw on Institutional Ethnography and Memory Work to unpack not just how gender inequality is reproduced, but also to study how women naviagte and find alternative ways of doing their academic careers.

Previous Projects:

Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow on

'Universities in the Knowledge Economy' (UNIKE)

Focused on policy analysis, organizational practices and changing conditions of academic labour in the knowledge economy. Particularly focused on gender, intersectionalist oand the rethinking the future of universities. 

Selected Publications:

Edited books. Forthcoming:

University Futures. Oxford: Berghahn Press. Co-edited with Professor Susan Wright

Institutional Ethnography in the Nordic Countries. London: Routledge . Co-edited with Assistant Professor Ann-Cristin Eklund Nilsen

Book chapters and Articles:

Forthcoming                       Invited Book Chapter ‘Becoming a Professor Requires saying in New Perspectives in Gender, Science & Innovation. Edited by Helen Lawton Smith, Colette Henry, Henry Etzkowitz and Alexandra Poulovassilis.  Cheltenham and Camberly: Edward Elgar Publishing. 

Forthcoming                       Invited Book Chapter ‘Feminist Love in studies of work and organization’ for Routledge Companion to Gender, Work & Organization. Edited by Banu Ozkazanc-Pan, Helena Liu, Patricia Lewis. Elizabeth Kelan & Alison Pullen.

October 2018                 'Passion, Care and Eros in the Gendered Neoliberal University' in Organization 

May 2018                      'The Social Organization of Boasting in the neoliberal university' in Gender & Education

March 2018                    'A gendered room for academic writing: The social organization of academic writing in neoliberal academia' in Tidsskrift for Kjønnsforskning 1-2/2018        

February 2018               Book Review 'Solitudes of the Work Place' by Elvy Whittaker (ed.) in Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, London, UK. 

April 2017                     'Defanging critiques, Disciplining Dissent' in Ark Review/Essays 

March 2015                       Book chapter: “Idealakademikeren og kvinnelige akademikeres hverdag” in Karin Widerberg (Ed.) I hjertet av velferdsstaten: En invitasjon til Institusjonell Etnografi. Oslo: Cappellen Damm Akademisk.

Spring 2013                       Book Chapter co-authored with Susan Meriläinen and Janne Tienari: “Diversity does not travel: The Finnish case” in R. Tainio, S. Meriläinen, J. Mäkinen & M. Laihonen (Eds.) Limits to Globalization. Copenhagen: Copenhagen Business School Press.

September 2012              Article: ‘Publishing to become an Ideal academic: An institutional Ethnography and Feminist critique’ in SJM’s Special topic forum: Critical Scholars in the Publishing Machine. Vol. 28(3): 218-228.


Selected Public Engagement, Activity in Scientific Community and Mobility

December 2018: "Epistemic Injustice and the task of 'staying with the trouble' in academic publishing. An interview with Rebecca Lund by Kirsten Locke." in Women's Studies Journal, New Zealand 32(1/2), pp. 21-32. 

November 2018: "It's about Values, not women: Changing the scripts, content and process of leadership in the academy. An interview with Louise Morley by Rebecca Lund" in ALUSTA! New Social Research at Tampere University 

June 2018: Visiting Scholar at Deakin University, Department of Education, Melbourne, Australia. Invited by Professor Jillian Blackmore,

                   Visiting scholar at Macqurie University, Department of Organization Studies, Sydney, Australia. Invited by Professor Alison Pullen. 

March 2018: Public Panel Debate on Xenofeminism. Arranged by Ark Books, EksistensFilosofisk Akademi and Passive/Aggressive - with support from Nørrebro Lokaludvalg. Copenhagen

February 2018: Visiting Scholar at University of Auckland, Institute for Critical Studies of Education, Auckland, New Zealand.  Invited by Senior Lecturer, Kirsten Locke.

November 2017: Keynote Speaker, Nordic feminism, gender equality in Higher education. Norhed Conference on Mainstreaming Gender in Science, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. 

May 2017: Public Lecture, Eksistensfilosofisk Akademi, Københavns Hovedbibliotek. [Køn, Krop, Magt/Gender, Body, Power]

April 2017: 'Defanging critiques, Disciplining Dissent' in Ark Review/Essays 

June 2017: Conference Organizer, University Futures, Aarhus University

March 2017: Guest lecturer, Centre for interdisciplinary gender research (STK), University of Oslo. Invited by Associate Professor, Helene Aarseth.

Feb 2017: Guest Lecturer, Institute for interdisciplinary culture studies, NTNU, Norway. Invited by Postdoc Siri Sørensen

February 2016 : ‘Mellem feminisme og ond optimisme: selvreflektion og reproduktion i feminisitsk feltarbejde’ [Between feminism and cruel optimism: Reflexivity and reproduction in feminist fieldwork] in friktion: Magasin for køn, krop & kultur. Special issue on ”Conflict”    

Jan-jun 2014: University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA, Visiting Scholar and Guest lecturer. Invited by Professor Martha Calas and Linda Smircich.

Since Jan 2012: Reviewer for (1) Ephemera; (2) Gender & Society; (3) Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (4) Arbejdsliv (5) Human Relations (7) Gender and Education


Linna-building, 5. floor., Kalevantie 5, room 5108
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