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Sirpa Syvänen

Sirpa Syvänen

Senior Reseacher, Docent of local government economics, especially human resources

Phone: 040 190 1315
Room: LINNA 5094

Office hours: by appointment


Productivity, performance, quality of working life, dialogic leadership, power and responsibility, renewal and restructuring processes of public organisations, participatory, dialogic and communicative action research, research assisted and concept driven development, evaluation research.

Research projects

Productivity and competitive strength through joy of working and well-being, European Social Fund Project 2016-2017

Helma-project, The Factors of Well-being 2015-2017.

Kunteko Municipal Development Programme 2015-2020.

Dinno-research programme, Dialogic leadership promoting innovations, quality of working life and performance.

Publications in English

  1. Tikkamäki Kati, Syvänen Sirpa (2014): Dialogic learning communities promoting productivity and quality of working life, OLKC 2014
  2. Tappura, Sari, Syvänen, Sirpa: Challenging  management  situations  in  managing  occupational health and safety, The 7th Nordic Working life Conference 2014, Göteborg, Book of abstracts, 127
  3. Syvänen, Sirpa, Tappura, Sari (2014): Dialogic leadership of creativity: Resource for innovations, sustainable working life and performance? The 7th Nordic Working life Conference 2014, Göteborg, Book of abstracts, 216.
  4. Sari Tappura, Sirpa Syvänen, Saarela Kaija Leena (2014): Nordic Working Life Journal, 4/3,2014: Challenges and Needs for Support in Managing Occupational Health and Safety from Managers’ Viewpoints.
  5. Syvänen, Sirpa, Loppela, Kaija (2013): Democratic dialogue and equality - promoters and obstacles while developing Co-operatively service and expert organizations. Proceedings of the 45th Annual International Conference of the Nordic Ergonomics Society NES 2012. Iceland.
  6. Tappura, Sari, Syvänen, Sirpa (2013): Occupational health and safety in expert organisations. Proceedings of the 45th Annual International Conference of the Nordic Ergonomics Society NES 2013. Iceland.
  7. Syvänen, Sirpa, Loppela Kaija (2013): Dialogic development and leadership promoting productivity, quality of working life and learning. Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research. ABRS Conference 2013 in Venice. March 20–22, 2013. Proceedings. ISBN 978.961-269-957-4. 6 p.
  8. Syvänen Sirpa, Tappura Sari, Kasvio Antti, Loppela Kaija, Lundell Susanna, Tikkamäki Kati (2012): Dialogic leadership promoting sustainable working life and innovativeness. In Ann-Beth Antonsson, Hägg Göran M (Eds.) Proceedings of the 44th Annual International Conference of the Nordic Ergonomics Society NES 2012. Ergonomics for sustainability and growth. Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, School of Technology and Health, Division of Ergonomics, 11.
  9. Syvänen, Sirpa, Tikkamäki, Kati (2012): Dialogic Leadership and ICT-intensive Workplaces - How to Wnhance Learning Potential?, OST Conference 2012, Proceedings and Springer Publication, full research paper. Open and Social Technologies for Networked Learning, Springer. 
  10. Syvänen Sirpa (2010): Evil Eleven Syndrome. Dark Side of Workplaces. Pressures at Work and Costs of Non-interference. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG. Saarbrücken 2010. Doctoral dissertation (2003), local government economics and organizational economics (translated 2010 in English).
  11. Syvänen Sirpa (2008): Development Organizations and Dialogues among Services for Elderly. Teoksessa Kalliola & Lehtonen (Toim.) Dialogue in Working Life Research and Development in Finland. Labour, Education & Society. Peter Lang: New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford: Wien. 2008. 

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