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Taru Lindblom

Taru Lindblom

Postdoctoral researcher

Phone: 050 437 7186
Room: LINNA 6041

Office hours: please contact me by e-mail

Research interests:

I am a sociologist of consumption leaning very much towards culture. I received my PhD in 2007 on economic sociology at the Turku School of Economics. My doctoral thesis compared the cultural consumption patterns across various EU member countries. My research interests have ever since more or less dealt with matters of taste. The contemporary social and urban phenomena in all shapes entice me: be it consumption, lifestyles, sociology of food or cultural preferences. In my recent research projects I have explored for example collaborative consumption, culinary taste, and digital divides. 

Selected publications:

Lindblom, Taru (2017) Does sugar sweeten the pill of low income? Inequalities in the consumption of various foods between Finnish income groups from 1985–2012. Research on Finnish Society, 10: 67–77. 

Lindblom, Arto, Lindblom, Taru, Lehtonen, Miikka & Wechtler, Heidi (2017) A Study on Country Images, Destination Beliefs and Travel Intentions: A Structural Equation Model Approach, International Journal of Tourism Research, (early view).

Lindblom, Taru & Räsänen, Pekka (2017) Between Economy and Culture: Examining the digital divide in three European societies, The Information Society, 33(3): 147–158. 

Lindblom, Arto & Lindblom, Taru (2017) De-ownership orientation and collaborative consumption at turbulent economic times: socio-demographics’ effect on the forms of sharing economy in Finland, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 41(4): 431–438.

Lindblom, Taru & Mustonen, Pekka (2016) Helsinkiläiset myönteisiä vertaiskaupalle. Kvartti 3/2016. (Helsinki dwellers have positive attitudes towards collaborative consumption.)

Lindblom, Taru & Mustonen, Pekka (2016) Sushiin kohdistuva maku, kulinaarinen pääoma ja hyvä kulttuuritahto. Kulttuurintutkimus 2–3/2016, 3–17.
(Taste for sushi, culinary capital and cultural goodwill.

Mustonen, Pekka & Lindblom, Taru (2017) Cultural participation and cultural preferences in Helsinki. Quarterly 1/2017.

Mustonen, Pekka & Lindblom, Taru (2016) Yksinasuvien aikuisten elämäntyylit ja vapaa-ajanviettotavat Helsingissä. Teoksessa: Yksin kaupungissa, toim. Jenni Väliniemi-Laurson, Pekka Borg ja Vesa Keskinen, 131–142. Helsingin kaupungin tietokeskus: Helsinki. (The lifestyles and leisure consumption patterns of the single households in Helsinki).

Lindblom, Taru & Mustonen, Pekka (2015) Culinary Taste and Legitimate Cuisines. British Food Journal, 117 (2): 651–663. 

Lindblom, Taru & Mustonen, Pekka (2015) Upholding symbolic boundaries through dislike: exploring food tastes in Finland. Turku Center for Welfare Research. Working Papers on Social and Economic Issues 4/2015. 

Lindblom, Taru & Sarpila, Outi (2014) Koulutus ja tulotaso vaikuttavat ruokailutottumuksiin. Hyvinvointikatsaus, 4/2014, 33–38. (Education and income affect eating patterns.)

PhD Thesis:

Virtanen, Taru (2007) ACROSS AND BEOYND THE BOUNDS OF TASTE – On Cultural Consumption Patterns in the European Union. Series A-11:2007.  Doctoral dissertation. Turku School of Economics: Turku.[]

Research projects:


DYNAMICS, an Academy of Finland funded project ‘The Dynamics of Cultural Stratification: How Cultural Classifications, Hierarchies and Tastes Change’. (Principal investigator: Semi Purhonen, other research team members Taru Lindblom, Tina Lauronen and Riie Heikkilä).

Urban lifestyles: Helsinki in the 2010's; Japanese consumer culture


New Good Taste? Cultural Consumption, Leisure Consumption and Social Structures, an Academy of Finland funded personal postdoctoral project  2012-2015. Project carried out at the University of Turku, Economic Sociology.

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