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Tiina Suopajärvi

Senior researcher: NCoE Nordwit

Editor-in-Chief of NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research


Phone: +358 504377105


Room: LINNA 5078

Office hours: by appointment


Research interests:

gender, work and place; ageing and technology; urban anthropology; feminist technology and science studies; new materialism; collaborative ethnography; applied anthropology


Selected publications:

Suopajärvi, Tiina 2018: From Tar City to Smart City - Living with the Smart City Ideology as Senior City Dweller. Ethnologia Fennica Vol. 45.

Hämeenaho, Pilvi, Suopajärvi, Tiina & Ylipulli, Johanna (eds.) 2018: Soveltava kulttuurintutkimus. Helsinki: Finnish Literature Society.

Suopajärvi, Tiina 2017: Experiencing ageing through urban ethnographic walks. Alter(n) als soziale und kulturelle Praxis. Ordnungen – Beziehungen – Materialitäten. Cordula Endter, Sabine Kienitz (Eds.). Bielefeld: Transcript.

Suopajärvi, Tiina 2016: Knowledge-making on “aging in a smart city” as socio-material power dynamics of PAR. Action Research (online first 23.6.2016).

Suopajärvi, Tiina 2015: Past experiences, current practices and future design: Ethnographic study of ageing adults’ everyday ICT practices – and how it could benefit public ubiquitous computing design. Technology Forecasting and Social Change; Special Issue: Science, Technology and the “Grand Challenge” of Ageing 93(2015).

Ylipulli, Johanna & Suopajärvi, Tiina 2013: Contesting ubicomp visions through ICT practices: Power negotiations in the meshwork of technologized city. A special Double Special Issue of the International Communication Gazette: “Mediated Urbanism: Urban Audience Activities” 75(6–7).

Suopajärvi, Tiina, Ylipulli, Johanna & Kinnunen, Taina 2012: "Realities behind ICT dreams": Designing a Ubiquitous City in a Living Lab Environment. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology, 4(2).

Suopajärvi, Tiina 2009: Sukupuoli meni metsään – luonnon ja sukupuolen polkuja metsäammattilaisuudessa. Helsinki: Finnish Literature Society. (doctoral thesis)


Current project

NordWit - Beyond the Gender Paradox: Women's careers in technology-driven research and innovation in and outside of academe (2017-2022)


Previous projects

UBI Mingle: “Experts” and “laypeople” mingling in a ubiquitous city – In quest for useful participatory design practices (2012-2015)

Academy of Finland, Project of Post-Doctoral Research Fellow; Dep. of Computer Science, University of Oulu, Finland

The study investigated how senior citizens could participate in the design of the services they are using. By bringing together seniors, city officials, technology designers and researchers who study urban technologies, the problem to be worked on in the collaborative workshop was identified as the lack of communication between the city and seniors. Seniors are not familiar with most services; nor do they know how they could participate in the public design. Using traditional and new media in parallel; and bringing the design to places where seniors usually spend their time, like community centres, where offered as solutions to tackle the problems. Citizens should be able to participate in defining the goals of the design, instead of merely commenting the options city officials have outlined. Through this study, the seniors started to demand more possibilities to have an impact; the city officials and the researches gained new perspectives and tools for their participatory processes.

UBI Anthropos: Adoption and Meanings of Ubiquitous Technology in Northern Urban Space (2010-2012)

Academy of Finland, Project, PI Adjunct Professor Taina Kinnunen & Prof. Timo Ojala; Cultural Anthropology & Dep. of Computer Science, University of Oulu, Finland

VACCIA: Vulnerability Assessment of Ecosystem Services for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: Case of Tourism in Kuusamo and Sotkamo areas (2009-2010)

EU Life+ project; Thule Institute, University of Oulu



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