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Tuula Juvonen

Tuula Juvonen

Academy of Finland funded Project Leader in Gender Studies, University of Tampere, 2015-2019

Phone: 050 318 6105

Please note that Juvonen works at the Gender Studies Program of University of Turku as a Collegium Researcher of TIAS between 1.1.2018-31.12.2020

Office hours: By oppointment.


Docentship in Women’s Studies, University of Jyväskylä, 2006

Ph.D in Social Sciences, University of Tampere, 2002

Varjoelämää ja julkisia salaisuuksia [Shadow Lives and Public Secrets].

MA in Social Sciences, University of Tampere, 1993

Sukupuoli ja halu Hilda Käkikosken kirjeenvaihdossa ja päiväkirjoissa [Gender and Desire in the Correspondence and Journals of Hilda Käkikoski].

Research and Teaching

As a researcher I have been committed to the research of the emerging lesbian and gay subcultures and identities and the gradual acceptance and mainstreaming of homosexuality within the Finnish society. My ongoing Academy of Finland-funded research project Queer Narratives: Intimate and Social Lives of Women with Same-Sex Sexual Attractions in Tampere 1971–2011 (2012–2017) troubles the conventions of writing lesbian community histories. In September 2015 started our Academy of Finland-funded project Just the Two of Us? Affective inequalities in intimate relationships (2015–2019), in which I am the PI. Together with Marjo Kolehmainen, Raisa Jurva and Annukka Lahti we study the affective use of power in heterosexual, bisexual and lesbian relationships.

My recent monograph Kaapista kaapin päälle [Out and Elected. Homosexual people and their rights in parliamentary politics] discusses out politicians in the representative politics of Germany and Finland as well as LGBT politics from the 1970s onwards. My earlier monographs on lesbian and gay past have focused on the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries as well as on the 1950s and 60s. In addition, in my previous projects I have scrutinized the heteronormativity of diverse professional practices which have been involved in knowledge production about female and male homosexuality, such as journalism, sex research and archiving. I have co-edited several issues of SQS, a queer studies journal published by the Society of Queer Studies in Finland. Currently I am co-editing together with Marjo Kolehmainen a book on affective inequalities, to be published in 2018 by Routledge. 

I have worked as a researcher in several Academy of Finland-funded research projects since 2001. I have held visiting research fellow positions for a period of a semester at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, in CUNY, New York (1994, 2010), at WERRC in University College of Dublin (2004) and at the Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2010). In January 2017 I visited the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University College, Toronto.

As a teacher I have focused on diversifying the understanding about sexualities and genders as well as introducing ideas and theories developed within lesbian, gay and queer studies. In addition I have published on queer pedagogy and learning methods. Lately I have also given tutorials on drafting research proposals.

I have held teaching positions in Women’s Studies at the Universities of Tampere (2011–2012), Jyväskylä (as the Head of the Women’s Studies Programme, 2007–2009) and Helsinki (1999) as well as in Social Policy at the University of Tampere (2002 and 2011). I have also been invited for a semester as a Visiting Guest Professor in Queer Studies at the University of Hamburg (2006). As an Erasmus exchange teacher I have taught gender studies in the Universities of Łódź (2005) and Málaga (2009). Over the past years I have acted as a core resource faculty for a Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching (ReSET) project Gender, Sexuality and Power, funded by Open Society Foundations and coordinated by Maria Mayerchyk and Olga Plakhotnik, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine (2011–2014).

Currently I am supervising the doctoral thesis of Marika Haataja (UTA) on Constructing Gender and Sexuality in Sexological Knowledge Production, Raisa Jurva (UTA) on Older women dating younger men. Heterosexual dynamics with a difference? and Annukka Lahti (UJ) on Aspects of Ambivalence in Contemporary Non-Heterosexual Relationships.

Research Projects

PI of a research project

Just the Two of Us? Affective inequalities in intimate relationships, Academy of Finland (project 287983; 2015–2019)

Individual projects based on a research post

Queer Narratives: The Intimate and Social Lives of Women with Same-Sex Sexual Attractions in Tampere 1971–2011, Academy of Finland (project 249652; 2012–2017).

From Thinking Archives to Doing Archives: Queer Action Research on Finnish Archiving Practices, Academy of Finland (project 212622; 2005–2007).

Mental and Material Spaces in Constructing Local Homosexualities, Academy of Finland (project 203730; 2003–2005).

Member in research projects

Homo Politicus: Sexual Citizens as Agents in Public Politics, within the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in Political Thought and Conceptual Change, led by Kari Palonen and Tuija Pulkkinen (projects 213500 and 129702; 2006–2011).

Marginalized Sexual Cultures: The Constructions and Deconstructions of Sexual Otherness, led by Tuula Gordon, Academy of Finland (project 729969; 2001–2003).


For publications and academic activities listed in the Current Research Information System of the University of Tampere please visit SoleCRIS Research Database


Kaapista kaapin päälle. Homoseksuaaliset ihmiset ja heidän oikeutensa edustuksellisessa politiikassa.Vastapaino; Tampere 2015.

Varjoelämää ja julkisia salaisuuksia. Homoseksuaalisuuden rakentuminen sotienjälkeisessä Suomessa. [Private Lives, Public Secrets: The construction of homosexuality in post-World War II Finland]. Vastapaino; Tampere 2002.

Sukupuoli ja halu Hilda Käkikosken kirjeenvaihdossa ja päiväkirjoissa [Gender and Desire in the Correspondence and Journals of Hilda Käkikoski]. Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriön tasa-arvojulkaisuja, Sarja D: Naistutkimusraportteja 1/1994. Painatuskeskus; Helsinki 1995.

Edited books and special issues

"Seeing the Colours of Rainbows. Affective Politics of Queer Belonging" in Queer Affect. SQS. Suomen Queer-tutkimuksen Seuran Lehti - Tidskrift för Queerforskning i Finland - Journal of Queer Studies in Finland 10 (2016):1–2, VI-X (A special issue guest edited together with Marjo Kolehmainen).

"Queer Cultures as Sites of Becoming" in Queer Cultures – Queering Cultures. SQS. Suomen Queer-tutkimuksen Seuran Lehti - Tidskrift för Queerforskning i Finland - Journal of Queer Studies in Finland 9 (2015):1–2 (A special issue guest edited together with Kaisa Ilmonen).

"Queer Traditions: Politics of Remembering" in Queer TraditionsSQS. Suomen Queer-tutkimuksen Seuran Lehti - Tidskrift för Queerforskning i Finland - Journal of Queer Studies in Finland 8 (2014):1–2, VI-X (A special issue guest edited together with Kaisa Ilmonen).

Käsikirja sukupuoleen [Handbook of Gender]. Vastapaino: Tampere 2010. (Edited together with Leena-Maija Rossi & Tuija Saresma.)

"Introduction: Queering the Hegemonies of LGBT Historiography". SQS. Suomen Queer-tutkimuksen Seuran Lehti - Tidskrift för Queerforskning i Finland - Journal of Queer Studies in Finland, 1 (2006): 1, 7–16 (A special issue guest edited by Juvonen).

Select refereed academic articles

Out and Elected: Political Careers of Openly Gay and Lesbian Politicians in Germany and Finland. Redescriptions: Political Thought, Conceptual History and Feminist Theory, 19(2016)1, 49–71(23).

Kohti pervopedagogiikkaa. Lesbo- ja queer-tutkimuksen opettaminen haasteena yliopistopedagogiikalle [Aiming at queer pedagogy. Challenging pedagogies in higher education with lesbian and queer studies teaching]. Naistutkimus-Kvinnoforskning Vol. 19 (2006) No. 4, 4–16.

Shadow Lives and Public Secrets: Queering Gendered Spaces in 1950s and 60s Tampere. SQS. Suomen Queer-tutkimuksen Seuran Lehti - Tidskrift för Queerforskning i Finland - Journal of Queer Studies in Finland Vol. 1 (2006) No. 1, 49–70.

Nyt se näkyy, nyt taas ei. Heteronormatiivisuus ja homoseksuaalisuuden esillepano Helsingin Sanomissa. [Now you see it, now you don’t. Heteronormativity and the display of homosexuality in Helsingin Sanomat.] Tiedotustutkimus Vol. 27 (2004) No. 2, 34–55.

Niin makaa kuin petaa. Lomaketutkimuksen ongelmat ja homoseksuaalisuus suomalaisissa seksitutkimuksissa [You Get What You Ask For. Sex survey questionnaires and homosexuality in Finland] Sosiologia Vol. 39 (2002) No. 4, 309–321.

Malminkadun bolaagissa on jotain hullusti. Naisten rakkaussuhteista vuosisadan vaihteessa. [There is something wrong in the apartment in Malminkatu: Romantic relationships between women at  the turn of the century] Naistutkimus-Kvinno-forskning Vol. 7 (1994), No. 3, 36–43.

Ruumiita, sukupuolia ja hermafrodiitteja. [Bodies, Genders and Hermaphrodites] Naistutkimus-Kvinnoforskning Vol. 8 (1994), No. 4, 14–28.

Kurittomat kokemukset. Queer studies haasteena lesbotutkimukselle. [Undisciplined Experiences: Queer Studies as a Challenge for Lesbian Studies] Tiede & edistys Vol. 18 (1993), No. 4, 277–283.

Select book chapters

Hajoava heteroseksuaalisuus [Deconstructing Heterosexuality]. In Matti Hyvärinen & Eriikka Oinonen & Tiina Saari (eds.) Hajoava perhe. Romaani monitieteisen tutkimuksen välineenä. Tampere: Vastapaino 2015, 164188.

Korjaava ja kriittinen pervopedagogiikka luento-opetuksessa [Reparatory and Critical Queer Pedagogy in Frontal Teaching]. In Saarinen, Jaana & Ojala, Hanna & Palmu, Tarja (eds.) Eroja ja vaarallisia suhteita: Keskustelua feministisestä pedagogiikasta [Differences and Dangerous Relations: Discussing Feminist Pedagogy]. Kasvatustieteellisen seuran julkaisusarja, 2014, 115- 139.

Kuinka sukupuolta voi tutkia? [How to Study Gender?]. In Saresma, Tuija & Rossi, Leena-Maija & Juvonen, Tuula (eds.) Käsikirja sukupuoleen [Handbook of Gender]. Vastapaino: Tampere 2010, 9–17. (Together with Leena-Maija Rossi & Tuija Saresma.)

Naisaktivismin muuttuvat ehdot [The Changing Conditions of Women’s Activism]. In Saresma, Tuija & Rossi, Leena-Maija & Juvonen, Tuula (eds.) Käsikirja sukupuoleen [Handbook of Gender]. Vastapaino: Tampere 2010, 257–274.

Ruotsalaistaudin kourissa. Heteromaskuliinisuuden jälleenrakentaminen 1950-luvun Suomessa. [In the Clutches of the Swedish Disease. Rebuilding Heteromasculinity in the 1950s Finland.] In Karonen, Petri & Tarjamo, Kerttu (eds.) Kun sota on ohi. Sodista selviytymisen ongelmia ja niiden ratkaisumalleja 1900-luvulla. Historiallinen arkisto 124. [When the war is over]. SKS: Helsinki 2006, 310–340.

Seksuaalipoliittisen ruumiin jäljillä [Sexual Politics of a Body: an Investigation]. In Taina Kinnunen & Anne Puuronen (eds.) Seksuaalinen ruumis [Sexual Body]. Gaudeamus: Helsinki 2006, 71–90.

Tasa-arvoajattelun heteronormatiivisuus ja seksuaalinen tasa-arvo [The heteronormativity of equality thought and sexual equality]. In Holli Anna Maria & Saarikoski, Terhi & Sana, Elina (eds.) Tasa-arvopolitiikan haasteet [The Challenges of Equality Politics]. WSOY, TANE, STM: Helsinki 2002, 254–262.

Normatiivisen hyvän harhat [Normative Good as a Fallacy]. In Jukka Lehtonen & Jussi Nissinen & Maria Socada (eds.): Hetero-olettamuksesta moninaisuuteen. Lesbot, homot, bi- ja transihmiset sosiaali- ja terveyspalveluiden asiakkaina. [An Introduction for From Heterosexual Assumption to Diversity: Lesbians, gay men, bi- and transpeople as customers of social and health services] Edita: Helsinki 1997, 11–17.

Das Begehren der gebildeten Finnischen Frauen um 1900 am Beispiel von Hilda Käkikoski. In Querfeldein - Beiträge zur Lesbenforschung. Ed. by SAPPHO - Verein zur Förderung von Frauenforschungsprojekten. Schriftenreihe Feministische Wissenschaft. eFeF-Verlag: Zürich 1994, 104–114.

Other Texts

Kuinka kadonnut muisti palautetaan? [How to Recover Lost Memories] Niin & näin 87, winter 4/2015, 108–109.

Queer Archival Activism. In Silvana Carotenuto & Renata Jambresic Kirin & Sandra Prlenda (eds.) A Feminist Critique of Knowledge Production. Università degli studi di Napoli, L'Orientale. Napoli: University Press 2014, 175185.

Tutkimusaineistojen arkistoinnista ja bittiavaruuksista. SQS – Journal of Queer Studies in Finland 8 (2014):1-2, 58–64.

For Your Eyes Only? Kriittisiä pohdintoja tietosuojasta. Teoksessa Ketola, Antti & Lahti, Raimo (eds.) Ihmistieteellisten aineistojen jatkokäyttö ja tietosuoja. Forum Iuris; Helsinki 2014, 140–145.

Invited Keynotes

Mitä Gore Vidal tähän sanoisi? Homoseksuaalisuus ja politiikka [What Would Gore Vidal Say? Homosexuality and Politics]. Politiikantutkimuksen päivät 21.1.2011 [Annual Meeting of the Society for Political Science], Jyväskylä, Finland.

Straight On No More: Non-normative Sexualities in High Politics. Power: Forms, Dynamics and Consequences. An International conference 22.9.2008, Tampere Finland.

Lesbo-, homo- vai queer-tutkimusta? [Lesbian, Gay or Queer Studies?] Pervot pidot. Turun IV valtakunnallinen lesbo-, homo- ja queer-tutkimusseminaari 8.–9.10.2004 [Meeting of the Society for Queer Studies in Finland], Turku, Finland.

Ruma tutkimuksenpoikanen. [An Ugly Duckling of the Research World] Tieteenalojen rajat. Kulttuurintutkimuksen päivät 12.–13.12.2003 [Annual Conference of the Network of Cultural Studies], Helsinki, Finland.

Swedish Love or All Swedish Men Are Homosexuals. Rosa moln och blå dunster. Nordisk feministisk studentkonferens 25.–27.09.1998, Stockholm University, Sweden.

Awards and Acknowledgements

The Lyyti of the Year award of the Feminist Association Unioni, for a distinguished work towards equality, 2016.

YKY community 2015 award, together with Leena Rodriguez, for the ideas and accomplishments benefiting the executive development and wellbeing of the School for Social Science and Humanities (YKY) and its various working communities, Executive Group, 2015.

Good Teacher Award, University of Tampere Foundation, 2012.

Archival Deed of the Year 2012, honorary mention for the continuous work to preserve and make visible the histories of gender minorities and sexual minorities in collaboration with the Finnish Labour Museum and Labour Archives, the Committee of the Day of the Archives, 2012.

Dissertation of the Year, University of Tampere Foundation, 2003.

Essay of the Year Nainen katsoo naista [A Woman Looks at a Woman]. Naistutkimus-Kvinnoforskning  Vol 9 (1996), No. 2, 30—34 (together with Kati Mustola), by Naistutkimus-Kvinnoforskning.

Administration and Positions of Trust (most recent)

From 2014 to 2016 I have been an elected member of the Collegiate Body of the University of Tampere as well as the Board of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities (YKY). Moreover, I have been appointed by the Rector as a member of the working group on research funding.

I have been a board member of the Society of Queer Studies in Finland since 2004, and from 2014 to 2016 on of the Mirkka Rekola Association. In 2013–2014 I was appointed to the advisory board on private archives of the National Archives.


I founded the national Lesbian Studies Network in 1990 and coordinated it for four years. In 2002 I started my ongoing collaboration with the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas to establish their LHBT collections and to enhance its volume and scholarly use. Moreover I am a consultant to the local chapter of the national lesbian, gay, bi and trans human rights organisation Seta. Currently I’m one of the co-organisers of an independent Queer Studies reading group and an active participant of the local chapter of Mummolaakso, a social group for elderly lesbians.

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