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Studies Required for Postgraduate Degrees (Doctor's Degree)

Curricula for Postgraduate Programmes  |  Doctor's Degree 

Curricula for Postgraduate Programmes

According to the Government Decree on University Degrees (794/2004, amended 1039/2013, §21) the objectives of scientific postgraduate education are that the student

  1. becomes thoroughly acquainted with his or her own field of research and its social significance

  2. gains the knowledge and skills needed to apply scientific research methods independently and critically and to produce new scientific knowledge within his or her field of research

  3. becomes acquainted with the development, basic problems and research methods of his or her field of research

  4. gains such knowledge of the general theory of science and of other disciplines relating to his or her own field of research as enables him or her to follow their development

  5. achieves sufficient language and communication skills and other abilities to work as an expert or a developer in demanding positions and within international cooperation.


Doctor's Degree

A Doctor’s Degree consists of a doctoral dissertation, and a minimum of 60 ECTS of studies defined in the student's personal study plan.

For the degrees of Doctor of Social Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology) and Doctor of Philosophy, the following studies are required:

  1. A Licentiate's degree or


      2.  60 ECTS of postgraduate studies, which contribute either to the research work or to professional
           capabilities. These include the following:

Joint postgraduate studies 20-30 ECTS:

These studies develop general theoretical and methodological skills, prepare for work in a multidisciplinary research community, develop general abilities in scientific expertise and ethics as well as general skills for working life.

Knowledge of student’s own discipline and research area 30-40 ECTS 

These studies develop the knowledge of the student’s own discipline, firstly, more broadly than the thesis and secondly, by deepening the student’s knowledge of the special issues of the discipline.

Please see the curricula and the supervision plan for the Doctoral Programmes.

    3.  Doctoral Dissertation, which will be assessed by the Management Board after a public examination of the dissertation. 
         The normative extent of the dissertation is 180 ECTS.


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