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Doctoral Dissertation

Monograph and Article-based Doctoral Dissertation  |  Abstract of the Dissertation | Language of Dissertation  |  Electronic and Printed Dissertation  |  Copies and the Publication of the Dissertation  |  The Publicity of the Dissertation

Monograph and Article-based Doctoral Dissertation

The doctoral dissertation is a substantial scientific thesis based on independent scientific work. The thesis is published as a doctoral dissertation with the consent of the Management Board, and then defended in a public examination.

A Doctoral dissertation can be

a) a manuscript of an unpublished dissertation (a monograph)

b) at least three high-quality scientific publications or manuscripts approved for publication, which constitute an integrated entity, and a summary of them. The candidate must have the main responsibility for writing the above-mentioned three articles and for conducting the study.

The summary must present the aims, methods and results of the study. The publications may also include collective publications, provided that an independent contribution of the doctoral candidate can be distinguished in them. The candidate must present a written clarification on his/her contribution to the collective research as the doctoral dissertation is handed in for the preliminary examination. Furthermore, this report should be confirmed with the signatures of all writers (online form). A clear record on where the publications have been published or accepted to be published must be attached to the dissertation.

The regulations and guidelines concerning a monograph also apply to an article-based dissertation.

Expanding an article-based Licentiate’s thesis to an article-based dissertation

    • the same articles, which have been included in the student’s Master’s or Licentiate’s thesis, can also be included in the dissertation.

    • at least one new article is required when the Licentiate’s thesis is expanded to a dissertation

    • the summary must be expanded to include the new article; its topic and a description of the results must be included in the summary.

      Please note that examining the dissertation is a completely separate process, independent of examining the Licentiate’s thesis. Articles, which have been included in a Master’s or a Licentiate’s thesis, are not necessarily of high enough quality to be included the dissertation.

Abstract of the dissertation

Every dissertation must include an abstract in both Finnish and English. The abstract should introduce the key theoretical concepts, the research problem, data, the methods used and the most important research results.


Language of Dissertation

The dissertation should be written in Finnish, Swedish or English, or, with the consent of the School, in some other language. The manuscript for the dissertation must be written in the same language as the dissertation itself. The author of the dissertation is responsible for the impeccability of the manuscript's language. The language must be revised prior to handing in the manuscript for the preliminary examination.


Electronic and Printed Dissertation

The dissertation is published in either a) electronic or b) printed form. The manuscript of the dissertation is to be submitted for the preliminary examination in three paper copies, filed or bound. Practical information on the examination process can be found here.

Copies and the Publication of the Dissertation

The dissertation is allowed to be published only after having the permission for a public defence from the Management Board has come through (please see the link "Preliminary Examination).

Twelve 12 paper copies, filed or bound, or 10 (printed by TUP)/12 (printed by some other publisher) publications of the dissertation must be delivered to the School Office at least 14 days prior to the public defence. An extra page is attached to the doctoral dissertation, stating the time and the place of the public defence of the dissertation, and also "that the dissertation is proposed for the public debate by the courtesy of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities".

At the same time the candidate grants the Tampere University Library permission to publish the dissertation - or the summary of the dissertation - in electronic form. For more information, please see Practical Information Concerning Dissertation Process.

Instructions on the publication of the dissertation - whether electronic or printed - can be found in the following webpage:

The Publicity of the Dissertation

Before the public examination, the doctoral dissertation can be read on the University's website and in the School Office. Information on the public defence of the dissertation, the availability of the dissertation and its viewing is published at least ten (10) days prior to the public defence on the notice board of the School and on the  the University's website.

For the purpose of informing the media, the author of the dissertation fills in the dissertation form.  This must be done no later than 14 days before the public defence in accordance with the guidelines of the Tampere University Library. The form is available at the following address:


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