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Supervisory Agreement and Personal Study Plan

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Supervisory Agreement and Personal Study Plan 

After the right to take the postgraduate degree (Licentiate, Doctor) has been granted, the student and the first supervisor/s together draw up a supervisory agreement and a personal study plan.

The supervisory agreement includes the duties and the rights of the student and his/her supervisor/s as well as a timetable for the studies. The personal study plan includes the contents and modes of the other studies (60 ECTS) required for the Licentiate’s/Doctor's degree.

Supervisory agreement/personal study plan

  • ensures the legal rights of the doctoral student

  • helps the student to plan and schedule his or her studies

  • guarantees the uniformity and the quality of the studies

  • keeps the supervisor up-to-date on the student’s study plans

A student can pursue his or her studies according to the approved personal study plan within a certain transition period even when the curriculum and the requirements that concern doctoral studies are revised.

A student has the right to pursue his or her studies according to the approved personal study plan even if his or her supervisor changes or retires. In such cases, the study plan must be updated to include information on the new supervisor.

Based on the recommendation of the Postgraduate Committee, the Management Board of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities has decided what elements should be included in the doctoral degree. The curricula for the doctoral programmes are designed to ensure the overall high quality of the doctoral studies and that doctoral students have the necessary qualifications to work as researchers after graduation.

The structure of the personal study plan corresponds to the curricula of the doctoral programmes, which helps the student plan and schedule his or her studies. In other ways, the studies can be pursued quite independently.

Please find the form here. The instructions on filling the form are in the last page of the form.

The first supervisor approves the study plan and possible changes to it later on.  A note of the acceptance of the study plan is added to the academic record by contact persons: Pertti Vuorilehmus: the doctoral programme in Psychology and Logopaedics, Terhi Raitanen: the other doctoral programmes (

The form should be filled in as soon as possible after the right to study has been received. The student should be provided with a copy of the signed form.

The signed form is filed and kept at the School Office.  The personal study plan and the research plan should be updated as necessary.The accepted supervisory agreement and the study plan has to be presented to the School when applying for the degree certificate.

The curricula of the doctoral programmes may include some additional requirements concerning the supervisory agreement and the study plan.

Please findmore information on


Reporting the Studies

The student has the responsibility to report to the supervisor on the progress of the thesis and other studies at least once a year by 31 October. The reporting is marked in the academic  record. The personal study plan and the research plan should be updated as necessary. If the thesis changes radically or the studies are delayed, the student might be required to compile a new research plan.

Cancellation of the supervision

If the student does not actively work on his/her thesis or pursue the other studies in the doctoral degree, the Postgraduate Committee can put an end to the supervision on the supervisor’s initiative after hearing the other supervisor(s) and the student (Please see information on changing supervisors on the student’s initiative). The supervision can be restored if the student presents a feasible plan to proceed with his/her studies. If the student has repeatedly failed to proceed with his/her work on the thesis in spite of presenting plans to do so, the student must also prove that the research work has proceeded after the supervision has been cancelled.

Form for reporting the studies.

For more information please see: reporting the studies

Studies in Other Schools of the University

Registered postgraduate degree students in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities also have the right to take studies offered by other schools of the University, provided that this has been agreed on with the School offering the instruction and that the studies are included in the student's personal study plan.

When pursuing studies offered by other Schools, corresponding curricula and other regulations must be followed.



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