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Publications 2008 - 2009

Astikainen, P., & Hietanen, J. K. (2009). Event-related potentials to task-irrelevant changes in facial expressions. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 5, 30, doi:10.1186/1744-9081-5-30.

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Nummenmaa, L. Hyönä, J., & Hietanen, J.K. (2009). I'll walk this way: Eyes reveal the direction of locomotion and make passers-by to look and go the other way. Psychological Science, 20, 1454-1458.

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Peltola, M. J., Leppänen, J.M., Palokangas, T., & Hietanen, J. K. (2008). Fearful faces modulate looking time and attention disengagement in 7-month-old infants. Developmental Science, 11, 60-68. PDF

Peltola, M. J., Leppänen, J. M., Vogel-Farley, V. K., Hietanen, J. K., & Nelson, C. A. (2009). Fearful faces but not fearful eyes alone delay attention disengagement in 7-month-old infants. Emotion, 9, 560-565. PDF

Pönkänen, L. M., Hietanen, J. K., Peltola, M. J., Kauppinen, P. K., Haapalainen, A., & Leppänen, J. M. (2008). Facing a real person: An ERP study. Neuroreport, 19, 497-501.

Schoeman, R., Niehaus, D.J.H., Koen, L, & Leppänen, J.M. (2009). Emotion recognition deficits as a neurocognitive marker of schizophrenia liability. In M. S. Ritsner (Ed.), The Handbook of Neuropsychiatric Biomarkers, Endophenotypes and Genes (pp. 163-176). Springer.

Other publications (in Finnish)

Hietanen, J., Leppänen, J., & Peltola M. (2008). Ilo pinnassa: positiivisten tunteiden ilmeneminen kasvoilla. In: R.-L. Punamäki, P. Nieminen, & M. Kiviaho (Eds.) Mieli ja terveys: ilon ja muutoksen psykologiaa. Psykologian  laitos, Tampereen yliopisto, Tampere, pp. 11 26.

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