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Research at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Research conducted at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities (YKY) analyses social change and opens up opportunities to participate in it. The research at the unit creates understanding, which supports people's wellbeing and capacity to act in the globalising world, saturated by information and experiences, and its structures. It assesses and helps to solve the problems of a changing society. It connects the experiences of individuals to the structures of society and long-term changes. The research covers topics from changes in the ideals regarding society, to the development of institutions, and everyday practices.

Research focuses 

The strengths in research are analysed as focus areas, crossing over to other subjects. Through consideration opened by the international review conducted in 2014 and its results, there are 11 strong research themes, which stand out at the level of the entire unit:

1. Social cognition and interaction
2. Gender and physicality
3. Childhood, youth and family
4. Working life
5. Services provided by the welfare state, institutions and human encounters
6. Migration, multiculturalism
7. Violence, conflicts and peaceful change
8. The cultures of politics and governance
9. Science, technology and innovations
10. Social theory
11. Social history

The theme areas are multidisciplinary and combine expertise produced by the research and strong research groups at the level of the entire unit. Their vitality and quality are guaranteed by the high quality basic research of the disciplines and subjects (UTA-RAE 2014). They share questions, methods and information interests.

At the level of the unit, the organisation of research, networking and connecting it to the teaching, are planned through the analysis provided by the themes.

For more detailed research strategy, see School of Social Sciences and Humanities - Guidelines for research 2016–2020.

The organisation and support for research 

Research centres and strong themes combine the research and create a goal-oriented image of the future, the realisation of which is supported and monitored.

In the key areas, research at YKY is organised into

The theme areas and research centres gather the expertise produced by the research and strong research groups, in a multidisciplinary manner. A minimum of approximately 10 permanent researchers from different fields, working on basic funding, operate within them. Their research is connected to the teaching in the unit through shared theme studies and special Master's programmes.

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