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Gender Studies

Gender Studies at the University of Tampere has a strong interdisciplinary and social science orientation. Our research draws on and contributes to recent developments in feminist theory and methodology, and engages actively with the societal and political contexts it arises from. We approach gender intersectionally, analysing how gender emerges in relation to other categories of difference, such as race and ethnicity, class, sexuality, age and disability.

Testifying to the strength and success of our research, “Gender, institutions and politics” is a spearhead in the Tampere University research strategy. This reflects the significance, impact and high quality of gender studies at both national and international levels.

Our research centres on the following themes:

Politics, Economy and Activism studies struggles around gender equality and diversity, equality policies and feminist politics within traditional institutions (parliaments, political parties, labour markets), NGOized civil society, and grassroots level. We study the interplay between international, national and local level institutions, both formal and informal (norms and practices). We explore the changing conditions where activism or governance structures are placed.

Science, Technology and Higher Education provides intersectional studies of the relation between knowledge production, power and social justice, as well as studies of how technology is enacted in everyday life. In doing so we engage with the dynamic processes and relations between subjectivity (individuals), institutions (society) and socio-material conditions (culture). We examine biomedical, biotechnological and health practices and policies as gendered embodied phenomena.

Politics of Affect, Emotions and Embodiment conducts empirical work on how affects and emotions emerge through social and intimate relations, intersectional differences, bodily boundaries, cultural imaginaries and representations. Key themes include intimate relations and sexualities; affects in media representations; affect in knowledge production; affects and activism; and differences as affective issues; and developing queer and feminist methods to study affect.

Working Life studies changes, continuities and new forms of work with a critical lens on individual as well as organizational and institutional level and in local, national and international contexts. Key themes include gendering practices in work and society; equal pay; the embodiment and bodily requirements in work; women's entrepreneurship; shifting boundaries between work and non-work; and burn-out at work. 


Research Projects in Gender Studies

Current research projects

Gender, party politics and democracy in Europe: A study of European Parliament's Party Groups (EUGenDem), European Research Council Consolidator Grant (ERC CoG) (2018-2023)

Beyond the gender paradox: Women's careers in technology-driven research and innovation in and outside of academe (Nordwit), Nordic Center of Excellence, Nordforsk (2017-2022)

Gender, Power and Reconfigured Corporatism in Finland (GePoCo), Academy of Finland (2016-2020)

Just the Two of Us? Affective inequalities in intimate relationships, Academy of Finland (2015-2019)










Jako kahteen, A joint project by researchers and journalists funded by Kone foundation (2015-2019)

Uuden työn sukupuolistavat käytännöt, The Finnish Work Environment Fund (2016-2018)

Neoliberalizing Welfare State Employment: Ideology, Institutional Agency, and Gendered Labour Market Outcomes, Academy of Finland postdoctoral project by Paula Koskinen Sandberg (2018-2021)

Episteeminen epäoikeudenmukaisuus akatemiassa: Luokka ja sukupuoli feministisessä tiedontuotannossa, Academy of Finland postdoctoral project by Rebecca Lund (2017-2020)

Naisten työ murroksessa: tarkastelussa äitiysblogit, Academy of Finland postdoctoral project by Katariina Mäkinen (2017-2020)

Poissa pelistä? Nuorten aikuisten masennus ja työkyvyttömyys, Academy of Finland postdoctoral project by Sanna Rikala (2016-2018)

Affect and Biotechnological Change: Three Vaccine Debates in Europe, Academy Research Fellow's project by Venla Oikkonen (2018-2023)



All research projects

Tampere hosts the editorial office of the scientific journal NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research with Paula Koskinen Sandberg, Tiina Suopajärvi and Rebecca Lund from the University of Tampere acting as chief editors (see University of Tampere news for additional information).

 NORA journal.jpg

Additionally, the book series Gender and Politics published by Palgrave Macmillan is edited by Johanna Kantola (University of Tampere) and Sarah Childs (Birbeck, University of London).



Doctoral Studies

The doctoral studies in Gender Studies have national and Nordic co-operation.


Recent theses:

Johanna Hiiltola: Hallittu vanhemmuus. Sukupuoli, luokka ja etnisyys huostaanottoasiakirjoissa (Governed parenthood. Out-of-home placements and gender, class and ethnicity) (2015)

Johanna Närvi: Määräaikainen työ, vakituinen vanhemmuus. Sukupuolistuneet työurat, perheellistyminen ja vanhempien hoivaratkaisut. (Temporary employment,
permanent parenthood. Gendered careers, family formation and parents' care decisions) (2014)

Sanna Rikala: Työssä uupuvat naiset ja masennus (Women's work-related burnout and depression) (2013)

Riikka Homanen: Doing pregnancy. The Unborn, and the Maternity Healthcare Institution (2013)

Tuija Koivunen: Gender in Call Center Work (2011)

Katariina Mäkinen: Becoming Valuable Selves. Self-Promotion, Gender and Individuality in Late Capitalism (2012)

Hanna Ylöstalo: Tasa-arvotyön tasa-arvot (2012)

More information: Professor Johanna Kantola

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