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Tuula Juvonen

Queer Narratives: The Intimate and Social Lives of Women with Same-Sex Attractions in Tampere 1971–2011 (project number 249652)

This Academy of Finland-funded project contributes to my ongoing research on mapping out the preconditions for living homosexual lives in Tampere, Finland. This venture was initially launched in my Ph.D. thesis Varjoelämää ja julkisia salaisuuksia [Shadow Lives, Public Secrets: The Construction of Homosexuality in Post-War Finland], published by Vastapaino in 2002.

Based on textual analyses of oral history interviews and articles published in popular magazines, I aim to examine how same-sex attraction has structured women’s intimate and social lives in Tampere since 1971. By challenging normative assumptions about sexuality, I will show how gendered local history can be theoretically renewed by a queer approach.

In addition, in collaboration with the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, I continue to expand their collections on the social history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people.

Having begun in 2012, the research project will continue until 2017 at the University of Tampere.


Outcomes (ongoing)


“Where lesbians meet: Creating a lesbian subculture in Tampere, Finland, from 1970s to 1990s." A paper presented at haco, Fukuoka, Japan, December 26, 2016.

Affective Traces of Desire.” A paper  presented at Crossroads in Cultural Studies to be held in Sydney, Australia, December 14–17, 2016.

 “Lesboratories, or On the Productivity of Material Intra-actions”. A paper presented at Technicity, Temporality, Embodiment: the 10th International Somatechnics Conference, Byron Bay, Australia, December 1-3, 2016.

“Lesbians, those incurable serial monogamists?” A paper presented at Queer Healings: XI Turku seminar for lesbian, gay and queer studies, to be held at the University of Turku, Finland, October 20–21, 2016.

 “Affective Traces of Desire.” A paper presented at the working group Post-qualitative methodologies in social sciences, to be held at Knowledge-Making Practices and Sociology’s Global Challenge – the 28th Conference of the Nordic Sociological Association, Helsinki, Finland, August 11–13, 2016.

"Intersubjective Affective Relations in Lesbian Communities”. A paper presented at the Affect and Method workshop with Lisa Blackman and Patricia Clough, organized by the Academy of Finland funded project Affective Inequalities, University of Tampere, Finland, May 23–24, 2016.

"Lesbosuhteiden kontekstualisointia [Contextualizing Lesbian Relationships]”. A paper presented at the Diverse Families – Family Studies Conference, Helsinki, Finland, April 11–12, 2016.

"Army of Ex-Lovers? Lesbian community building in Tampere from the 1970s to 1990s". A paper presented at the Queer Kinship and Relationships, International Conference in Zalesie, Masuria, Poland, June 08–11, 2015.

"Affective Intimacy in Women’s Written and Told Same-Sex Relationships". A paper presented at the 9th European Feminist Research Conference Sex & Capital at the University of Lapland, in Rovaniemi, June 3–6, 2015.

Lesbians without Feminism? The role of feminism in lesbian community building in Tampere, Finland, from the 1970s to 1990s”. A paper presented at the Lesbian Feminism/s Now, the 2015 Lesbian Lives Conference in Brighton, February 20–21, 2015.

"Miten tutkia lesboyhteisöllisyyden rakentumista queer-teorian avulla? [Uses of queer theory in studying lesbian community building]". A paper presented at the 10th lesbian, gay and queer studies seminar Pervot perinteet – Queer Traditions, University of Turku, September 26–27, 2014.

"Queering the ‘Lesbian’". A paper presented at the Queer, Semiotics and Space: Understanding Queer Identities through Language and Space session at the Annual International Conference organized with Royal Geographical Society (RGS) with Institute of British Geographers (IBG), London, August 26–29, 2014.

"Against Orthodoxies – Revisiting Lesbian Cultures". A paper presented at a Tema Genus gender studies seminar at the University of Linköping, Sweden, May 23, 2014.

"Remembering Nice Place - Tracing the archives of a lesbian bar". A paper presented at the Sex + Gender + Archives, an Archive Futures’ pop-up workshop, University of Tampere, Finland, May 9,  2014.

"A Nice Place for Women. The birth and demise of a lesbian bar in Tampere". A paper presented at the Embodied City. The 12th Finnish Urban Studies Days, Helsinki, Finland, May 5–6, 2014.

"What Do I See? The Research Potential of the Finnish Labour Museum’s LGBT Collections." A paper presented at the international seminar Queering the Memory Institutions. The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, Tampere, August 16–17, 2013.

"Languages of Evidence – Queering the ‘Lesbian’ in U.S. Scholarship". A paper presented at the 5th Christina Conference of Gender Studies: Feminist Thought and the Politics of Concepts. University of Helsinki, May 23–25, 2013.

"‘Can two women live happily together?’ Lesbian relationships in two Finnish magazines of the 1970s". A paper presented at the 20th Annual Lesbian Lives Conference ‘The Modern Lesbian’, Brighton, February 15–16, 2013.

"Tangled in Heteronormativity: Discussing Lesbianism in the Finnish Journal Hymy in the early 1970s". A paper presented at ‘Challenging Heterosexuality’, a (post-)doctoral course led by Stevi Jackson and organized by Gender Studies at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Tampere, November 15, 2012.

Organized seminars

I co-organized an Archive Futures’ pop-up workshop Sex + Gender + Archives on 9 May 2014, at the University of Tampere together with Professor Maryanne Dever from the University of Newcastle, Australia. See also

I co-organized an international seminar Queering the Memory Institutions on August 16–17, 2013, at the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas in Tampere together with Rita Paqvalen, Director of Culture for All Services.


I acted as a scientific supervisor for Hilpeys ja ennakkoluulo – Delight and Prejudice: An exhibition about LGBT history shown at the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas in June–Aug 2013.

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