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Social Psychology

Social psychological research focuses on the relations between individuals, society and culture. It includes topics such as: group processes and structures of social interaction, interaction at work, professional relations and wellbeing at work, difference and inequality, aging, childhood and family, and addiction and psychosocial wellbeing.

Ongoing research:

Group processes and structures of social interaction

Interaction and inequality at work

Childhood, family and lifecourse

Addiction and psychosocial wellbeing


Group processes and structures of social interaction

Facial expression as part of interactional regulation of emotion (Ruusuvuori)

Live Music Experiences and Social Affiliation among Special Audiences in the Live Streaming Concerts (Raudaskoski)

Peer interaction and social support in face-to-face and video-mediated group counseling (Ruusuvuori, Logren, Ristimaki)

Hate Communities: A Cross-National Comparison (Oksanen, Kone Foundation, 2013–2016)

Web of Rage: Extreme online communities in the light of research and analytic journalism (Oksanen, Kone Foundation, 2014–2015)

Disruption, Social Capital and Resilience: A Longitudinal and Comparative Approach (Oksanen, The Research Council of Norway 2015–2017)

Jihadi Culture and Street Culture (Oksanen, The Research Council of Norway 2016-2020)


Interaction and inequality at work

Communication with the help of hearing aid. A comparative study of persons with acquired hearing loss within their interactions in private settings and with hearing health practitioners. (Ruusuvuori)

Supporting Work Life Involvement of Hearing Impaired People. (Ruusuvuori)

Multicultural encounters in general practice (Raudaskoski)

Narratives of early retirement due to work related health problems. (Ruusuvuori)

Negotiation between employee, supervisor and representative of occupational health services on employee work ability and possible work modifications (Ruusuvuori, Ristimäki, Korpi)


Childhood, family and lifecourse

Children and School: Norway and Finland in Comparison (Järventie, Kaakinen, Minkkinen, Lähde)

Media, family interaction and children’s well-being (Lahikainen, Suoninen, Mälkiä, Kallio, Mantere, Nätti, Repo)

Family support in pregnancy and early childhood (Tiitinen, Homanen, Lindfors, Ruusuvuori)

Psychosocial inequality of children in Finland and Norway (Järventie)

Young adults and financial problems (Oksanen, Academy of Finland 2013-2014)


Addiction and psychosocial wellbeing

Problem Gambling and Social Media: Social Psychological Study on Youth Behavior in Online Gaming Communities (Oksanen, Sirola, Kaakinen, The Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies 2017-)

Mental Problems among University Students, their Social Psychological Background and Consequences (Järventie)

Motivating substance abusers for change --Semiotic perspectives to client-counselor interaction (Sarpavaara, Rakkolainen, Tolonen)

Gambling as a definer of the Finnish way of living (Auvinen, Palukka)

Representations of addiction from inside and outside (Koski-Jännes, Hirschovits-Gerz, Pennonen

Process and outcome of initial motivational interviews with substance abusers (Koski-Jännes, Sarpavaara, Rakkolainen, Tolonen)

Psychosocial wellbeing and inequality of university students (Järventie)

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