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Sociological Research


Sociological research at the University of Tampere addresses the dilemmas of our time (globalization, European integration, multiculturalism and technological change) through international and interdisciplinary research projects. The focus areas of research in sociology include:


1. National and transnational processes of change

An important research theme is the governance of global change and the domestication of global trends taking place in nation states and other local contexts. Study topics also include comparative research of nation states, the investigation of cultural changes in Finland and other societies, and the methodological and social challenges brought on by globalization.

Tampere Research Group for Cultural and Political Sociology (TCuPS)

Citizens in the Making

Cultural Distinctions, Generations and Change (2013-2018, Project Director Academy Research Fellow, Associate Professor Semi Purhonen, Funded by the Academy of Finland and Kone Foundation)

DYNAMICS - The Dynamics of Cultural Stratification: How Cultural Classifications, Hierarchies and Tastes Change (2017-2020, Project Director Academy Research Fellow, Associate Professor Semi Purhonen, Funded by the Academy of Finland)


2. Work

Research topics include changes in working life and organizations from the points of view of the labor markets, work contents and everyday life, waged work, entrepreneurship, unofficial labor and gendering practices, and technology and the information society. In international comparisons the emphasis is on the member states of the EU, Russia and the Nordic countries.

Work Research Center (WRC)


3. Family and the life course

The research topics include family as a social institution and its relationship to other social and cultural institutions; ties between individual, family and society; social interaction within the family, and the relations between  family and the life course of individuals.

Research Centre on Childhood, Youth and Family (PERLA, in Finnish only)

International Network for Comparative Analysis of Social Inequalities-INC (2016-2019)
Head of the project: Professor Pedro López-Roldan, Universitat Autonònoma de Barcelona
Researchers: Principal investigator (PI) Eriikka Oinonen, professor Jukka Havu (LTL)
Funded by: European Commission, H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015


4. Knowledge, science and technology

Research on knowledge, science and technology analyzes how knowledge and technology shape the social orders of modern societies locally and globally. The study areas include knowledge and the politics of knowledge, research institutions and the activities of research communities, technology, organisations and everyday life, and innovation systems and innovation activities

Insurance and the Problem of Insecurity

Research Centre for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (TasTI)

Knowledge About the Economy. Analyzing and Contextualizing the Construction of the Economy in the EU


Doctoral programs:

The Finnish Doctoral Program on Labour and Welfare Studies (LabourNet)

The Finnish Doctoral Program of Social Sciences (Sovako)



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