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Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI)

New  Approaches to Peace Mediation

Project Leader: Docent Dr. Marko Lehti



1) Peace Mediation in Nordic Coutries: A Comparative Analysis Funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Funding period: 1.1.2013 - 31.12.2014.

2) Between official and unofficial: the role of non-state actors in peace mediation and the emergence of a new dialogic approach. Funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with CMI, Finnish Evangelic Lutheran Mission (FELM) and Finnish Church Aid (FCA). Funding period: 1.8.2016 - 30.4.2017.


Research Theme:

The objectives of the first project were to study how peace mediation is handled and administered by the Nordic foreign ministries, to explore the standing of themes related to peace mediation in research carried out in the Nordic countries and to intensify the networks and contacts among Nordic scholars and research institutes which study peace mediation.

The objectives of the seciond project are to explore the complex archicture of peace mediations and chaning agency of non-state acotrs within it and to explore the change from a solution based approach to one emphasising transformation and a dialogic approach.


Research Group:

Project 1: Dr. Marko Lehti,  Pertti Joenniemi & Jenny Saarinen

Project 2: Dr. Marko Lehti, Jyrki Ruomäki & Maiu Lepomäki


Recent Publications (selected):

  • Lehti, Marko (2016) “Rethinking Identities and Dialogue in Conflict Transformation”, in Samuel Goda, Maksym Khylko and Oleksandr Tytarchuk (eds.), International Crisis Management: NATO, EU, OSCE and Civil Society. Collected Essays on Best Practices and Lessons Learned, Amsterdam, Berlin, Washington, DC: IOS Press 2016, 24-37.
  • Lehti, Marko (2016),"Multiple Histories and Peace Mediation", in A. Blåfield (ed.), The Use and abuse of history. Helsinki: Siltala 2016, 234-263.
  • Pertti Joennemi (ed.), Russia's approach to arms control, peace mediation and national dialogues. Tampere: Tampere Peace Research Institute 2015.
  • Joenniemi Pertti, Lehti Marko. (2014). Rauhan välitys pohjoismaisen yhteistyön haasteena. Teoksessa Nissinen Petter, Doty Anisa (toim.) Rauhanvälitys - suomalaisia näkökulmia: Kansalaisjärjestöjen konfliktinehkäisyverkosto KATU, 40-48
  • Lehti Marko. (2014). Rauhaa Pohjoisesta. Ulkopolitiikka 51 (1), 40-42.
  • Lehti Marko, Joenniemi Pertti. (2013). Nordics as peacemakers : cooperation or competition?. Development Today : Nordic outlook on development assistance, business & environment 23 (13), 10-11.
  • Nordic Approaches to Peace Mediation. Research, Practices and Policies, Marko Lehti (ed.), TAPRI Studies in Peace and Conflict research No. 101. Tampere: Tampere Peace Research Institute 2014.
  • Pertti Joenniemi 2013. ‘Finland: a non-traditional peacemaker.’ Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, Vol. 19, No. 1, 53-59.
  • Pertti Joenniemi 2013. ‘Peace Mediation: The Challenge of Protracted Conflicts.’ In Klimburg, Alexander and Pospisil, Jan (eds.), Mediating Security. Comprehensive Approaches to an Ambiguous Subject, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 101-111.


  • Marko Lehti: From Antagonism to Agonistic Peace: Rethinking Identities and Dialogic Transformation. ISA's 57th Annual Convention, March 16th - 19th, 2016, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Marko Lehtti: *Keynote presentation: The role of conflict prevention and conflict transformation in development policies, at Development assistance for conflict prevention and conflict transformation in the European Neighborhood seminar organized by European Network of Political Foundations, Kalevi Sorsa Foundation and Visio, 11.3.2016
  • Marko Lehti *Rethinking identities and dialogue in conflict transformation. 9th EuPRA Conference 2-4.9.2015, Tromso, Norway
  • Marko Lehti *Rethinking Conflict Transformation and the Role of the Third Party, Best Practices and Lessons Learned in Conflict Management: NATO, OSCE, EU and Civil Society. Bratislava, Slovakia, June 9-10, 2015
  • Marko Lehti: Mediating Histories: Towards Dialogic Transformation of Protracted Conflicts, Rethinking dialogue in conflict resolution - a joint seminar with CRIC 20.1.2015
  • Pertti Joenniemi: The Challenge of Protracted Conflicts, Rethinking dialogue in conflict resolution - a joint seminar with CRIC  20.1.2015
  • Marko Lehti Nordics as Peacemakers: Cooperation or Competition? Finnish and Irish cooperation in crisis management, 6.5.2014, TAPRI
  • Pertti Joenniemi CONFLICT – TRANSFORMATION THROUGH DIALOGUE AND MEDIATION: KEEPING PACE WITH THE TIMES Conference on National Dialogue and Mediation Processes, Helsinki 30.3. - 2.4.2014


  • 20.1.2015 in Copenhagen: Rethinking dialogue in conflict resolution - a joint seminar with CRIC
  • 6-7.3.2014 in Tampere: At the Border of Peacemaking and Peace Research. Organized for the Political Science days.
  • 14-15.8.2013 in Tampere: Approaches to Peace Mediation: Is There Space for a Nordic Approach


Marko Lehti
tel. +358 (0)40 190 1595
Tampere Peace Research Institute,
Kalevantie 5, Tampere
FI-33014 University of Tampere (Finland)
Visiting address: Linna building, 6th floor, room 6066
Visiting address: Linna building, 6th floor
Postal address: TAPRI, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
FI-33014 University of Tampere, Finland
tel. +358 (0)3 355 111
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