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Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI)

Visual Peace Research

Project Leader: Dr. Frank Möller

Research Theme:

Many scenarios peace research engages with are mediated through visual images: peace researchers – just like everyone else – are exposed to images as never before and experience their subject matter mediated and communicated through visual images. At the very least, visual images contribute to the construction of the discursive space within which politics unfold. In a world dominated by images, then, it is necessary for peace researchers to understand the visual construction of peace and war including the operation of images in violent conflicts and post-conflict situations.

Visual peace research is research on the role and function of visual images in wars and conflict situations but, importantly, also in peace and reconciliation processes. It analyses the relationships among image producers, subjects and spectators because it is here that the meanings and politics of any given image are constantly negotiated. Visual peace research is also interested in the ways images – and their interpretations – contribute to or even create conflict. And it explores new forms of image production (for example, citizen photography, participatory photography and new photojournalism) and how they relate to society in terms of emancipation, democratization, participation and, ultimately, peace.

Visual peace research is an integral component of Tapri’s research and teaching agenda. The project’s main focus 2016–2017 is on Peace Photography (Palgrave Macmillan, in preparation). The basic research questions are: How can photography represent peace? Of what would a photography of peace consist? How can photography contribute to peace?

Peace Photography, book outline:

Introduction – Peace photography: the ultimate provocation

Chapter 1: Peace and peace photography

Chapter 2: Whose peace?

Chapter 3: From aftermath to peace

Chapter 4: Photography and participation

Chapter 5: Islands of peace

Chapter 6: Pro-active peace photography: the peace movement

Chapter 7: Forensic photography

Chapter 8: Positive peace

Chapter 9: Peace photography and invisibility

Chapter 10: The visual culture of security communities

Chapter 11: From representation to transformation

Notes and references / Bibliography


Recent Publications (selected):

  • Möller, Frank, “Peace,” in Visual Global Politics, edited by Roland Bleiker (London and New York: Routledge, forthcoming)
  • Möller, Frank, “From Aftermath to Peace: Reflections on a Photography of Peace,” forthcoming in Global Society (Vol. 31, No. 3, July 2017, online available in autumn 2016)
  • Lindroos, Kia and Frank Möller (eds.), Art as Political Witness (Leverkusen-Opladen: Barbara Budrich Publishers, forthcoming, autumn 2016)Lindroos, Kia and Frank Möller, “Witnessing in Contemporary Art and Politics,” forthcoming in Art as Political Witness, edited by Kia Lindroos and Frank Möller (Opladen: Barbara Budrich Publishers, autumn 2016)
  • Möller, Frank, “The Violence of Witnessing,” forthcoming in Art as Political Witness, edited by Kia Lindroos and Frank Möller (Opladen: Barbara Budrich Publishers, autumn 2016)
  • Möller, Frank, “Colonial Wars and Aesthetic Reworking: the Artist as Moral Witness,” forthcoming in Arts and International Affairs (autumn 2016)
  • Möller, Frank, “Politics and Art,” Oxford Handbook Online Political Science (New York: Oxford University Press, June 2016),


Frank Möller
tel. +358(0)50 318 6162
Tampere Peace Research Institute,
Kalevantie 5, Tampere
FI-33014 University of Tampere (Finland)
Visiting address: Linna building, 6th floor, room 6075
Visiting address: Linna building, 6th floor
Postal address: TAPRI, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
FI-33014 University of Tampere, Finland
tel. +358 (0)3 355 111
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