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Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI)

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Professor, emeritus

Email: osmo.apunen (at)

Research interests:

  • Finnish political history since 19th century
  • History of modern international relations
  • Finnish foreign policy and Finnish-Russian relations
  • Disciplinary history of International Relations
  • Methodological traditions in International Relations
  • Textual interpretation and analysis, especially hermeneutical and semiotic orientations
  • Conflict mediation and peace-making of small states in major wars

Research projects:

  • New and Old Russia in the Transition Discourses of Finnish-Russian Relationships, participates in the Academy of Finland Research Programme Russia in Flux, 2004-07; personal projects on Finnish peace process in World War II (1943-44), intellectual history of Finnish-Russian relations since 19th Century, and formation of Finnish/Russian national characters in 19th century political cartoons.
  • Paasikivi / Time and Thought, mediation of the Old Fennoman tradition of Finnish-Russian relations to the Finnish statecraft during the Cold War.


  • Itsenäisen Suomen historia I (History of Independent Finland, volume 1), 304 p. Weilin & Göös 1991.
  • Kansainvälisen politiikan metodologiset perusteet (Methodological Grounds of International Relations as a Discipline), 220 p, University of Tampere, Unit of Peace Research and Development Studies, Reports 44/1991.
  • Murrosaikojen maailmanpolitiikka (World Politics in Times of Radical Change), 344 p. Studia Politica Tamperensis 3, Tampere 1998, 1999, revised edition 2004.
  • Linjamiehet, Paasikivi-seuran historia (Paasikivi Society and the Finnish Foreign Policy Discourses in 1957-2004), 439 p, Tammi 2005.
  • Patriootteja ja pettureita, Ulkopoliittiset vaikuttajaverkot ja päätöksenteko suursodan oloissa 1942-1944 (Patriots and Traitors, Transnational foreign policy networks in Finnish-Russian peace-making during the World War II), with Corinna Wolff, (300 p, forthcoming in 2008).


  • European Consortium for Political Research, Joint Sessions of Workshops, Copenhagen 14-19 April 2000, Paper presented: "Trends and Milestones in the Study of International Relations in Finland", with Mika Aaltola.
  • Fourth Pan-European Conference in International Relations, Canterbury 9.-11. 9. 2001, Paper presented: "Beauty and the Beast - Semiotic Perspectives on the Formation of Finnish/Russian National Characters".
  • Organiser (with Anni Kangas) of a panel on Transition Discourses in Finnish-Russian Relationships , The Annual Convention of the Finnish Association for Russian and East European Studies, Tampere, 17.3. 2005.
  • Organiser (with Arto Nokkala and the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, UPI) of the expert seminar on networks of foreign policy interaction and influence during the Cold War, Helsinki 30.11.-1.12.2005,
  • Invited presentation to the seminar "ETYK 30 vuotta: Suomi ja kansainväliset suhteet 1970-luvulla" (30 Years of CSCE; Finnish International Relations in 1970's), University of Helsinki (Political History) Helsinki 25.8.2005.
  • Invited presentation "Venäjä Tampereelta katsottuna, Idänsuhteet suomalaisen kansainvälisen politiikan tutkimusperinteessä (A Perspective on Russia from Tampere, Finnish-Russian relations in the tradition of Finnish research on international relations), Haikko 9.12. 2006, Finnish International Studies Association, Klaus Törnudd 75 Seminar. (Published in Unto Vesa, ed. Tutkiva diplomaatti, Klaus Törnudd 75, KATSE 2007).
  • Fifth Pan-European Conference in International Relations, Torino 12-15.9.2007 , Paper "The Wisdom of a Pawn - Applying Machiaveli's stratagem to modern small-power statecraft", Section "Pragmatism and International Relations", Panel "The Art, Wisdom and Science of Statecraft & Diplomacy in World Politics".
Visiting address: Linna building, 6th floor
Postal address: TAPRI, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
FI-33014 University of Tampere, Finland
tel. +358 (0)3 355 111
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