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Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI)

Helena Rytövuori-Apunen

Adjunct professor (International Relations, University of Tampere, School of Management)

University researcher


Phone +358-40-1901593

Visiting address: Linna 6077

Full list of publications:

  • Post-positivism” and the real “orthodoxy”, International Studies Quarterly online Symposium (March 2014) The “Third Debate” 25 Years Later, editor Patrick T. Jackson.
  • Catching a formative moment: Epistemic unity in the European plurality, European Review of International Studies (ERIS), Vol. 1, Issue 1/2014, pp. 103-110.
  • Disputed Frontiers: Abkhazia in Russia's Sochi 2014 Project, in Bo Petersson & Karina Vamling (eds), The Sochi Predicament: Contexts, Characteristics and Challenges of the Olympic Winter Games in 2014. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishers, 2013 (pp. 229-249).
  • Chapters on Moldova and Tajikistan in Russia, land of change (section on Potential crisis factors in relations between Russia and the CIS countries), Ministry of Defence of Finland, 2012 (Finnish and English versions can be unloaded from
  • Editor (with Helle Palu, Shushan Khatlamajyan and Nina Iskandaryan) of Security and Development in a Complex Policy Environment: Perspectives from Moldova, Armenia and Kazakhstan, Yerevan 2012.
  • Trust and Confidence: Two Approaches to Mitigate Conflict in International Relations, pp. 53-64 in Helena Rytövuori-Apunen and Aidar Amrebayev (eds), Euro-Asian Security after 2010: Challenges and perspectives of cooperation. Almaty: Zhibek Zholy, 2011.
  • Tiedeyhteisön avoimuus ja tutkijan turvallisuusdilemma [On the openness of the research community and the researcher’s security dilemma], pp. 45-54 in Hiski Haukkala, Eero Palmujoki and Juha A. Vuori (eds), Maailma kansainvälisten suhteiden tutkimuksen haasteena. Juhlakirja professori Harto Hakovirran täyttäessä 70 vuotta. Helsinki: Valtiotieteellinen yhdistys, 2011. [The World as the Challenge for the Study of International Relations, Festschrift for Professor Harto Hakovirta on his 70th Birthday, the Finnish Political Science Association.]
  • Murroskauden Venäjä-tutkimusta kansainvälisessä politiikassa rauhan- ja konfliktintutkimuksen pohjalta [Russian Studies in Times of Change in International Relations and inspired by Peace and Conflict Research], pp. 119-130 in Olavi Borg (ed.), Ruudusta Raunioon. Valtio-opin ja kansainvälisen politiikan opetus YKK:ssa ja Tampereen yliopistossa 1925-2010 [From Ruutu to Raunio: Teaching Political Science and International Relations at the YKK and at the University of Tampere, 1925-2010]. Studia Politica Tamperensia, University of Tampere, School of Management, Tampere, 2011.
  • Millä tavoin teoria valitsee tutkijansa? Lakatosista laajempiin keskusteluyhteyksiin pragmatistisin tulkinnoin [In which different ways can a theory choose its researcher? From Lakatos to wider disciplinary connections inspired by pragmatist interpretations] Kosmopolis 40(2), 17-35 (2010). Special issue on world views and theory choice edited by Hiski Haukkala.
  • Abstractive Observation as the Key to the ‘Primacy of Practice’. Single-authored section in ‘Pragmatism and International Relations’, Forum edited by Gunther Hellmann. Other writers in the Forum are: Joerg Friedrichs, Patrick Thaddeus Jackson, Markus Kornprobst, and Rudra Sil. International Studies Review 11:3 (641-645/638-662), September 2009 (International Studies Association, Wiley-Blackwell).
  • Parokkiaalisella avoimuudella eli kansainvälistä politiikkaa Tampereelta käsin. KATSE Jäsenlehti (Kansainvälisten suhteiden tutkimuksen seura) 2009 (1), 14-16.
  • Itäraja murroksessa, Maanpuolustus (Venäjä-teemanumero) no. 86, 2008, pp. 41-44.
  • Editor of Russia Forever? Towards Working Pragmatism in Finnish/Russian Relations. Aleksanteri Series. Helsinki: Aleksanteri-instituutti 2008. 353 p.
    Includes the following articles by Helena Rytövuori-Apunen:Luottamuksen kieli idänsuhteissa - tyhjää 'liturgiaa'vai merkityksellistä toimintaa? Idäntutkimus - Finnish Review of East European Studies, No. 2, pp. 60-66.
    • Revisiting the Problem of Trust in Finnish/Russian Relations, pp. 121-163.
    • Introduction: Continuity and Change of Finnish/Russian Relations in the Context of Institutional, Practical and Habitual Modes of Knowing, pp. 9-24. 
    • Conclusion: The Promises of Pragmatism and Finnish Research, pp. 315-321.
  • Regulatory Convergence and Global Partnership: Another Phase in EU-Russian Relations, in Joan DeBardeleben (ed), The Boundaries of EU Enlargement: Finding a Place for Neighbours. Palgrave Macmillan 2008, pp. 92-110.
  • Unionin ajan idänpolitiikka, Edita (Kleio), 2007, 339 p.
  • Three Steps towards a Joint Degree - JTP, DDt, and JIMP. Reflections Based on a Disciplinary Development Project, in Jussi Laine - Bo Petersson - Sergei Prozorov - Helena Rytövuori-Apunen (eds), The Bologna Process on the Ground, Experiences of Nordic-Baltic-Russian Cooperation in Higher Education. The Centre for European Studies at Lund University, Lund 2007, pp. 107-122.
  • EU-Suomi ja Putinin Venäjän odotukset, Tieteessä tapahtuu No. 3, 2005.
  • Forget 'Post-Positivist' IR! The Legacy of IR Theory as the Locus for a Pragmatist Turn, Cooperation and Conflict: Journal of the Nordic International Studies Association, Volume 40(2): 147-177 (2005).
  • World Community as a Reasoned Community? A retrospective analysis of the US diplomatic persuasion on the eve of the Iraq war, in Jyrki Käkönen and Sanjay Chaturvedi (eds), 'Globalization': Spaces, Identities and (In)Securities. New Delhi: South Asian Publishers, 2004.
  • Old Ideas for New Policy Puzzles: Finnish-Russian relationships in the multilateral European context and the present challenges for Finnish peace research, in Rauhaan tutkien, Unto Vesa 60 vuotta, Kosmopolis 34: UV60/2004.
  • 'Post-Positivist' IR Reconsidered: A Criticism of Theory-Centred Approaches, in New Frontiers of Europe: Opportunities and Challenges, ed. by Irina Busygina & Olga Potemkina, MGIMO-University, Moscow, 2003.
  • The Cultural and Criminal Capital: Post-Soviet Identities on the Scene of the Crime Problem in St. Petersburg. Idäntutkimus, Special Congress Issue, Summer 2000.
  • Editor of Russian-European Interfaces in the Northern Dimension of the EU, Studia Politica Tamperensis, vol. 8, Tampere 2000.
  • In the Mirror of Tradition: The freshwater policy (EMINWA) of the United Nations Environment Programme. An explorative study in semiotic-hermeneutic interpretation. University of Tampere, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Research Reports 2/1996.
  • Towards an inter-cultural environmental community in the context of a substantive morality, in Moorhead Wright (ed.), Morality and International Relations, Concepts and Issues, Aldershot et al.: Avebury/Ashgate 1996.
  • Peace Research as Critical Research? Reflections on the Scandinavian Experience, in Günther Bächler (Hrsg.), Friedens- und Konfliktforschung in Zeiten des Umbruchs. Peace and Conflict Research in Times of Radical Change. Zürich: Verlag Rüegger AG, Perspektiven, 1992.
  • Peace Research in Scandinavia, 1959-1986, Aldershot et al.: Gower/Avebury 1990.
Visiting address: Linna building, 6th floor
Postal address: TAPRI, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
FI-33014 University of Tampere, Finland
tel. +358 (0)3 355 111
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