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Ilmari Kortelainen



Doctor of Philosophy (University of Tampere)


Certificate: Education in dance and somatics in Finland Sport institute (ISLO)


Tel. +358504904473
E-mail: Sähköposti:
Office: B3004

Postdoctoral researcher

Current research projects:

1.11.2017- Post doc -stipendi: Being present at workplace - The various meanings of embodiment at the ITC-workplace. (Läsnäolon kokemus työpaikalla - Mindfulness-menetelmien ruumiilliset merkitykset teknologia-alalla)

1.9.2015-1.9.2016 working as postdoctoral scholar funded by the The Finnish Work Environment Fund:

Training of Mindfulness-based Interventions and 'Affective Investments' in ITC-Work

Recent international workshop in July 2016:

Theorising on Social and Embodied Aspects of Contemplative Practices

Postdoctoral researcher in: The Working Body in the Post-industrial Economy (WORKBOD)

(Funded by Academy of Finland Until the end of 2014)

I officially supervise Tapio Santala's Ph.D. thesis on Nietzsche and Buddhism with professor Arto Laitinen and researcher Jarkko S. Tuusvuori.




Research interests:

Social theory of body, contemplative practices and commodification, somatics, method of analysis, metaphor theory, body phenomenology and hermeneutics, affect-theory.


See more:



Recent publications (selected):


  • Ilmari Kortelainen, University of Tampere (Finland) & Steven Stanley, Cardiff University (Wales) The Meditator as Self-Healing Scientist: On the ‘Universal’ Body-Mind Laboratory of Mindfulness Training. (Accepted to Edited Collection 'Therapeutic Assemblages', Ed by Salmenniemi etc. Routledge 2018)  

  • "Läsnäolon kokemus ja politiikka" 2017. Ed. by Ilmari Kortelainen, Jussi Omaheimo, Antti Saari & Kreeta Ranki. In: Niin&näin Filosofinen aikakauslehti 2/2017. (Politics of Being present):

  • RUUMIILLISUUS JA TYÖELÄMÄ (2016). Ed. by. Parviainen Jaana, Kinnunen Taina, Kortelainen Ilmari (Embodiment and Working life. Working Body in Post-industrial Service Economy). Tampere: Vastapaino. (In Print).

  • (2013). Identifying Bodily States. In D. Moyal-Sharrock, V. Munz, A. Coliva. ed. Mind, Language and Action.. Kirchberg: Kirchberg am Wechsel: Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, (International Wittgenstein Symposium 36) 209-211.


  • Ordinary Language Philosophy. (Tavallisen kielen filosofia: juuret ja kritiikki (2013).) Ed. Joose Järvenkylä and Ilmari kortelainen. Helsinki: Gaudeamus.




1) Parviainen &Kortelainen:

Parviainen Jaana & Kortelainen Ilmari, forthcoming 2016. ‘Becoming Fully Present in Your Body: Analysing Mindfulness as Affective Investment in Techno Culture (Sumbitted in 2017).

2) Kortelainen: Bodily Knowledge of Mindfulness in Technocultures.

3) Ilmari Kortelainen: Panopticon lihassa. Itsen tarkkailu mindfulness-valmennuksissa. In: Niin&näin Filosofinen aikakauslehti 2/2017. (Peer-reviewed scientifc Open Access article. Accepted for publication, September 2017)

Invited keynote Kortelainen&Stanley In: 

Center for Contemporary Buddhist Studies, University of Copenhagen:

Mindfulness Symposium – Triangulations

Buddhism, Business & Believers

10th – 11th May 2017 

On the ‘Universal’ Body-Mind of Mindfulness Training:

Transforming Buddhist Meditation into a Self-Healing Laboratory



Most recent international presentations in the field of scientific and philosophical methods:



Kortelainen&Stanley: "On ‘universal body’ in mindfulness training". 

In the international workshop “Travelling and transforming therapeutics: Subjectivity, materiality, and inequality” at the University of Turku, 1­-2 December 2016



"REMAKING Bodily Knowledge of Mindfulness training". In , workshop on “Post-qualitative methodologies in social sciences”. Nordic Sociological Association 11-13 August, 2016

University of Helsinki, Finland.

‘Body-Normalisation’ in Mindfulness Training in Technology Work
Sub-theme 45: Critical Perspectives on Corporate Mindfulness and Workplace Spirituality, 32nd EGOS Colloquium Naples, Italy July 7–9, 2016


Presentation at Emerson college at 'Mindfulness on the Margins conference'

On Somatic Self-understanding and ‘Body-Normalisation’ in Mindfulness Training 3.4.2016


Lectures: on phenomenology.




Presentation with Jaana Parviainen at Maastricht University on Theorizing the Body in Health and Medicine conference, November 26-27, 2015:

Self-knowledge through Self-tracking? A Phenomenological Discussion of Methodologies for Generating Knowledge from the Body in the Age of Health Technologies 


Presentation at San Francisco State University 3-7.6.2015   

‘Analysing Professional Performativity and Mindfulness As Affective Investment in Post‑Industrial Work’, at San Francisco State University, on 3–7 .6.2015 




“Training Mindfully: Exploring New Labour Concepts of the Working Body and Professional Performativity in Post-industrial Capitalism”. 

In Seminar: Liquid Bodies in Work Organizations: Affective Relations, Reflexivity and Bodily Knowledge, 17.11 2014.  


Organizing Seminar on Mindfulness in Society

Presentation: ”The definitions of mindfulness in Working life” 2.10.2014 - 3.10.2014.



Lectures: Philosophy of Body-Awareness. University of Tampere. 



Multidisciplinary seminar on body Awareness. With Antti Saari and Mikko Väänänen 18.5.2012. 


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