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EVIEN - Evolving Innovation Environments

Educational activities

The Innovation Studies Group of TaSTI, in addition to its research activities, is involved in educational activities in various ways. Of great importance is the International Globelics Academy PhD School (see below in detail) which is organized by the group every second year in Tampere.

Another important activity is to supervise doctoral theses in the field of innovation studies. Here, the group plans to expand its activities towards more comprehensive doctoral programme, as part of the ongoing InSPIRED project (Innovation Studies and Policies in (Re-)vitalizing Economic Development, funded by the Tampere Foundation for Economic Development for the period 1.12.2014-31.5.2017). InSPIRED intends to extend the group's activities in educational and development activities locally and internationally. There is also an ongoing process to launch an international Master programme in 2016/17.  

Globelics Academy in Tampere

Globelics Academy supports the training of Ph.D. students from different parts of the world who are writing dissertations on issues related with innovation systems. The Academy brings together frontier researchers in innovation with Ph.D. students from developing countries in order to inspire and qualify their work as well as to help them to join high-quality research networks in their field of research. The Globelics Academy aims at improving the students’ ability to undertake theoretically informed and policy-relevant empirical work on issues related with innovation in firms and societies, and its relationship with economic development.

The Globelics Academy originates from and is connected to the world-wide research network Globelics, initiated by professor Bengt-Åke Lundvall, IKE-group, Aalborg University and professor Luc Soete, UNU-MERIT (, bringing together scholars working on the national systems of innovation.

Globelics Academy has taken place five times in Lisbon, Portugal (from 2004 to 2007 and 2009) and in Tampere 2008, 2011 and 2013 and in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2012. The next GA will again take place in Tampere, in June 2015.

Academy is organized in Tampere by TaSTI team including Research Director Erkki Kaukonen, Academic Coordinator Mika Raunio and Senior Researcher Mika Kautonen.

For more info about Globelics Academy, please visit

Evien Globalics Academy

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