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EVIEN - Evolving Innovation Environments

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EVIEN - Evolving Innovation Environments Research Program has as its point of departure that innovation activities tend to concentrate on a number of places around the world. EVIEN is interested why this is the case and why certain nations, regions and cities continue to be innovative while some others not, and why so many places are not that innovative at all. Here, we are also interested how innovation environments transform; New institutions and organizational forms emerge in response to economic and wider societal changes. Especially this refers to an increase of such local innovation platforms that are more inclusive and open for new kind of stakeholders (e.g. educated immigrants, unemployed, HEI graduates, and so forth) and connect innovators in different locations together.

Hence, related important phenomenon of interest for EVIEN Research Program is that, along increasing globalization of innovation activities, many of these innovative places tend to generate connections between each other through, for example, mobility of people and ideas, research and development (R&D) collaborations, activities of large multinational corporationsor trans-national entrepreneurs, international programs and by the use of information and telecommunication technologies.

These issues are not yet much studied. Our interest in the EVIEN Research Program goes beyond any single organizations, to those groups of actors, flows of ideas and knowledge, mobility of people, and institutions guiding interactions between two or more sites of innovative activities (nations, regions or cities) that are interconnected to come up with new ideas, technologies or products.

Key research themes of the program are: 
a) Inclusive innovation environments and innovation activities
b) Development of local open innovation platforms
c) Trans-nationalization of innovation systems
d) New forms of innovation policy.

EVIEN Research Program is a combination of own independent research activities and several externally funded research projects (Tekes, the Academy of Finland, and other Finnish and foreign research financers). These projects are initiated by the Innovation Studies Group of TaSTI or by its partners and they contribute to the research goals of the EVIEN program. The research program is intended to last from 2010 until 2018, at least.


Innovation Studies Group leads a new research project in Namibia:


Innovation Studies Group develops and analyzes open innovation platforms as part of the urban and regional innovation policy design in Finland:


Innovation Studies Group develops and studies Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) approach in Tampere and in comparison with six European regions:


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